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Author: Zapper Submitted: 13th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 265
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Edited By Zapper on 20/03/2006

This is the updated version of my TDC CHRISTMAS COMPETITION
2005 entry, BARFER SICKMESS, which came 5th in the competition

Thanks to everybody who gave me great feedback from the competition and it made me want to make more on this game, so I decided to make the whole game Online Playable! It has an online match-making service (currently thanks to that will match you up with another waiting player instantly for 2 player online co-op action! Another new feature is the Online Survival Mode for expert players!

Theres a full indepth readme file in the zip that explains each mode, the controls and also how to play the game on a Network

It's Christmas Eve, there's chaos in the sky and if it isn't stopped, it will ruin Christmas! Help Santa (and Saint Nick for player two) soar through the skies, shooting down any dangerous crackers, christmas trees and sprouts. Drink bottles during your flight and then when you're in a tight squeeze, use your secret weapon to destroy them all! Can you put a stop to the chaos and find out who is behind it before its too late?!

*Fast Paced Shooting Action!
*1 or 2 Player Offline Co-operative Madness!
*2 Player Online Co-Op Mode with Instant Match-Making!
*Custom Servers allowing Network Play!
*Gigantic Bosses!
*Original Theme Tune and 100% Original Graphics!
*Demo Mode!
*Brand New Online Survival Mode for Experts!
*Tonnes Of Unlockables! (offline and online)

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Posted by Reno 13th March, 2006

MY god this is sweet

The puke adds extra fun to the game
Posted by Joey vvvv 13th March, 2006

Sweet shmup,bout time shmups took to being online!

Posted by Rogue 13th March, 2006

Online play is very good
Posted by joelr_2000 14th March, 2006

yeh coool fun, specially the barfin part. takes too long to kill the giant snow flake i quit b4 killing it coz i got over it.
Posted by DaVince 14th March, 2006

As Phizzy said: This game is AWESOMEFUN I like AWESOMEFUN!
Posted by izac 14th March, 2006

This game is VERY furstrating
Posted by Joey vvvv 16th March, 2006

Yummi.Reminds me of all those 2d japanise "manic bullet pattern" shmups that you see at shoot the Job!
Posted by 17th March, 2006

Not bad,not bad at all..
Posted by Joey vvvv 20th March, 2006

Man, I wish someone would make a how-to for rail shooters like Star Fox/Panzer Dragoon.This site could use some.The only thing we have on this site closest to those games is SpaceShooter.>.<
Posted by 27th March, 2006

I wish it had more voice acting.One word,funnpid!






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