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Hostile Takeover
Author: Jared Newman Submitted: 1st March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 116
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Jared Newman on 01/03/2006

The first release from Drunken Missile in over 5 years, a platform shooter that pays homage to the games that have influenced us all. Your character uses a duck-and-cover style of combat against an army of drones and soldiers, over four missions that are not easily won.

All content is original right down to the stunningly realistic graphics, and the game features excellent mp3 music (which explain the lengthy download)

More information can be found at

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 (50 mkb )

Posted by Packo 1st March, 2006

The download donīt go
Posted by steve 1st March, 2006

use that link from his website.
Seems like a good game, excellent sound effects and decent music.
Graphics are just about "Ok"
There is a fatal bug at the very first set of drones; I killed them all and the doors didnt open (only happened 1 time though)

Posted by Jared Newman 1st March, 2006

darned space bar at the end of the download..fixed.

thanks for adding (and playing)
Posted by 1st March, 2006

whats with all he platformers resently?
Posted by Joey vvvv 1st March, 2006

They're fun!
Posted by 2nd March, 2006

Nice game! Thumbs up!
Posted by Joey vvvv 2nd March, 2006

Posted by Joey vvvv 2nd March, 2006

"billybobjoe" Why does that sound so familiar?
Posted by Joey vvvv 2nd March, 2006 SKELLATEN DANCE FROM AREA 55 ON HALO MAPS!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Joey vvvv 2nd March, 2006

Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd March, 2006

@Joey vvvv@ - um...please stop talking.

very nice. i like the gfx style. i just wish i could see my bullets in between my gun and the objects. like a trail. and the enemies didnt seem to tye no matter how long i shot at them (those little black dudes that run into you and jump and stuff...theyre kinda stupid) but very nice...very nice.
Posted by 2nd March, 2006

Jared Newman,what program did you use? MMF or TGF?
Posted by Jared Newman 2nd March, 2006


Posted by BeamSplashX 2nd March, 2006

I love this game. Killing things is FARbulous in many ways.

I miss 'ol Drunken Missile.
Posted by ben mercer 2nd March, 2006

heh, do you think he was joking about the "stunningly realistic graphics"
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd March, 2006

are you the same jared newman from way back in the day on silkys?
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd March, 2006

oh wow, yeah you're the same guy. wow what a blast from the past. I remember playing a game you made, it was like little hover tanks or something.
Posted by Reno 3rd March, 2006

Good game but you make high jumps difficult
Posted by Chrisbo 3rd March, 2006

ok yeah, how in the hell do you jump over that first block where the black guy is chasing you? can you double jump or something?
Posted by Bo Fu 3rd March, 2006

The game's a nice little distraction even though it's kind of frustrating that enemies can hit you while you can't hit them. Also, there was no need for all of this MP3 music, I feel. It must have made the game five times bigger than it should have been.
Posted by 3rd March, 2006

I got to the second mission but its near impossable to survive once you get past that rocket dude that blows the door down.

Posted by Jared Newman 3rd March, 2006

Since I like to respond -

Chris - Yes it is I. The game was Turbotech, one of the only full DM titles

Jumping - Yes it's a huge bug. I should have made the jumping engine actually work, but then I got rolling with the game and it was too late. On my computer I don't have trouble getting over walls, but on others, who knows.

Bo Fu - Understand that the game was originally a school project, space/dl time were less important than having kickass music. I simply make this available for your enjoyment as is, and if you don't feel like a long dl, that's fine by me!

Brandon - don't give up, you wimp, there's cool stuff ahead.
Posted by Chrisbo 3rd March, 2006

ahh that's right, turbotech. Great game. good to see an old face on here. not that I'm on here much but whatever.

oh, I tried to downloading the beirut video on your site and it wouldn't play, says I need a certain compressor but it wouldn't say which one. :\
Posted by Jared Newman 3rd March, 2006

Yeah..i tried to have a php script to force download the movie, but it just seems to cause more problems than it solves. I'll probably just make them regular links soon. In the meantime, make sure the extension is .mov and watch it in quicktime
Posted by 3rd March, 2006

I never said I was going to give up.
Posted by Joshua M. 4th March, 2006

Odd. When I fire the gun, sometimes bullet impacts appear everywhere.
Posted by Noyb 5th March, 2006

Were your professors actually able to beat this game or did you have to demo it for them?
Posted by ben mercer 5th March, 2006

Whoa! this isthe biggest click gme filesize ive seen since i released the Mx demo (which, being 99mb, flopped horribly. Also the game was poor ).
Posted by ben mercer 5th March, 2006

I don't get it, why is this game so huge? All the graphics are only a few colours, and this should be blitzed by mmf's rle compression.
Posted by ben mercer 5th March, 2006

Ahhh, 46mb worth of mp3 music. Try upping the compression for next time, there are still a fe 56kers on the site (not me though )
Posted by ben mercer 5th March, 2006

This is really well done. But the randomized jump height is crap and annoying, you should take that out.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 6th March, 2006

The game is buggy. Very buggy. Bullets that you can't see should also hit instantly - I hate it when I duck behind cover, wait for my enemy to finish unloading his gun and then pop out only to be shot in the head.

On the bright side, the package is neatly put together, but the 40+ megs of music is just plain uneccessary.
Posted by Bearz 28th March, 2006

Beatiful! I love it. :I
Posted by NeoHunter 3rd July, 2006

maybe it's just me, but no matter what I do, I can not get over the first wall thing at the start of mission one. I've tried everything I can think of, but the soldier just stands there, and everytime I try to run and jump it, I take damage.

More so, I can't even kill the guard...he just kinda stands there.




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