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Yoshi Strike
Author: X-Member24794 Submitted: 16th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 93

Edited By Brandon Mortazavi ~{BMgames}~ on 17/02/2006

This is a classic retro game Staring Yoshi!

Controlls: Shift: Jump Arrow Keys: Move Down: Crouch P: Pause

Note:Also if you press "O" You well be able to work the controll settings.

1 Player: Try to make a high score. Make sure no Spinys Reach any pipe,Try hitting it
anywhere. If you hit one you get 2 points and if you hit it and it hits another Spiny
then you get another 5 points.

Also there are Coins that are worth 70 points named Dragon Coins!! They well be appear_
ing in the air! The only way to grab them is to Jump on a bubble while press the Jump
Button,you well start flying high as you float..BUT! becarful..Bullet Bills well approch
you often so stay on foot.

2 Player: This is a Battle mode of 2 players. You Have the settings to Make the
settings of the Health that you have in the battle. You can also set Danger
to yes or no which means Yes for enemys,Bubbles,Bullet bills ect.


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Posted by Joe.H 16th February, 2006

The game says Yosi strike, yet it's called Yoshi strike, make your mind up O_o
Posted by 17th February, 2006

Alright,sorry for that miss spell,I was at my dad's office at work and I was rushed and for some reason I never noticed it,even my friends didnt see that problem,thanks for bringing that to me Joe. Thanks to David Newton for putting the new Pic on the TDC home page! thanks alot David!
Posted by 17th February, 2006

so..Any comments for YS?
Posted by 17th February, 2006

Effects?!? Why do I need effects? "Looks" Havnt you even played the game yet? Please do not judge before playing. And this is The Daily Clicks Taste for them to put this on the Home Page!
Posted by Hempuli 17th February, 2006

Posted by 17th February, 2006

Sorry you think so Hempuli.
Posted by steve 17th February, 2006

Does this game use the default MMF/TGF platform engine. If it does then I refuse to download!

The screenshots look inconsistant; some objects "stretched" and distorted.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 17th February, 2006

Brandon sign in sitesled; its better than freewebs and of course it's free
Posted by steve 17th February, 2006

Also; you should never, ever use default Counters from MMF/TGF they look very bad.
Posted by Reno 17th February, 2006

It seems that even when a person trys, people don't like fangames It really is the effort to how close it is to emulating it. Yet, after saying all this, I have not played it
Posted by Peblo 17th February, 2006

Negative comment, negative comment, negative comment, negative comment, negative comment, negative comment, negative comment.
Posted by AndyUK 17th February, 2006

Nah Reed. People like good games if they're fangames or otherwise.
by the way wouldn't the upside down spikeshell thingies hurt yoshi. I thought so, so i didn't know what to do for a while.
anyway it's okish i guess. try to keep all graphics the same ratio I don't like looking at scruffy looking resizes.
Posted by steve 17th February, 2006

Dont be too hard on him; he's only 13.

On the other hand... I DO wish people would stop releasing such bad stuff on this site :'O
Posted by 17th February, 2006

thanks guys...
Posted by 17th February, 2006

Yes it is,You could of not cused me out and atleast say good juob anyway and still say it was bad but NOOO you had to cuse the heck out of me and anbush me with horrable comments.
Posted by Spram 18th February, 2006

Hey, don't be offended. The people insulting you make pretty shitty games so it's not like they're "important" or anything.
Posted by Airflow 18th February, 2006

yeah, we all try. But heck, a badly drawn game doesn't make it visually pleasing. I don't want to compliment this game because you have whined about being "anbush"ed. Mabey it should be pointed out that there IS gameplay in there. But judging from what AndyUK said about the spiney's, you hadn't put alot of thought into the charactor's-something alot of fangames ignor. (I usually blame this on the ripping method which stops the gamemaker from designing players or baddies)

Good games aren't the only ones that get put on the front page. The reason yours got on the front page was because your description was informative and impressed the admin. The pictures would have contributed.

The concept of the game is there, but the presentation is lacking.
Posted by steve 18th February, 2006

Ok, try not to let the critisism get you down.
When I first started making games, I also made some pretty bad stuff too (I wouldnt have dared shared with the whole world though)

Just listen to the important stuff:
1. Dont use default ANYTHING
a) tgf/mmf counters
b) tgf/mmf fonts
c) movement systems (most important)
2. If you really must make a "fan game" at least try and make it as good as the original with some bonus ideas of your own that make it unique.
3. Learn from your mistakes and dont give up!

Good luck on future games
Posted by 18th February, 2006

Steve..Thanks alot.Youre tips and youre comment made me happy! As for you Phizzy and guys are the worst insulters. And you put me down when youre games suck to. oh and Spram,youre right they are not importaint. ..EFD..well whatever..
Posted by Peblo 18th February, 2006

You may notice I merely counted the negative comments you had recieved. Ooh, what an insult. Besides, If you can't handle the negative replies, why are you posting your games here? These are our opinions, negative or not. Whatever, go ahead, take Spram's advice and blissfully ignore the majority of the comments (anything negative), instead of saving yourself the ridicule, and learn some before you turn crap out.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 18th February, 2006

The Peblo speaks the truth.

That set aside, I must say that this game is bad, honestly, but that's okay- you need to work on it a little bit. Not every game you make will be a gem. Just keep working at it, and you'll make something good eventually.
Posted by Stixdude 18th February, 2006

Please promise me you'll never use ripped graphics again because the sprites don't match well with the graphic you used. Try to put more effort in your games and make your own graphics once in a while.
Posted by jon jonns 18th February, 2006

i thnk this game kinda nice 2p kinda fun but 1p gets boring after a while especially when theres only one pipe left and you only have to stand there and jump to never lose. Yeh i also noticed that in the 2p if you get on the other persons head and hold down crouch you go flying into the sky forver. Also u can jump up and up from the side wall and get stuck in the top left or top right corner. I havent found a way to get out of there but eventually he just falls out i guess. Maybe you can add like hit them with your tounge in 2p also for some melle moves so it's not like a gladiator run at each other type thing as much, and some platform or stuff you unlock after a couple levels. Yeh i kno im talkin alot but at least im sayin sumin helpful. gj brandon
Posted by 18th February, 2006

Jon youre good great guy! Thanks for youre good comment. Kliky I well try to make my own Mario if you well let me.Phizzy criticism just hurts you in alot of ways..theres nothing good about it. Peblo,you are correct with the opinion part but that doesnt give you a right to be rude about a game or make a bug deal over just a game. Hurting some ones feeling over a game isnt worth it.
Posted by 18th February, 2006

Criticism makes crap out of you. Comlements make you feel good and make you want to make better games becuse you know that youre people injoy youre games.
Posted by 18th February, 2006 not a good painter on the computer. I dont feel like painting when all of you well make fun of my work..But if you promise me you wont kill my games if I make custom.
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 18th February, 2006

Everyone has to start somewhere, guys.

I'll download this a little later.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

Yea I agree. everryone has to start somewhere.
Posted by Peblo 19th February, 2006

So I take it you're insulted that I counted the negative comments?
Posted by 19th February, 2006

Yes I know what it means but youre using it in a negative way of insulting me.
Posted by Peblo 19th February, 2006

So, you want us to lie and give you a complement? You won't learn that way.
Posted by Bibin 19th February, 2006

Brandon, accept criticism. Negative or not, you will never learn without it. Some people are just more encouraging with their criticism. Some are complete asses. But they are (usually) trying to help you so they aren't wasting their temp-memory on noob fangames.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

(Fu*k Tard) is not going to change my mind.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

I can handle insults but not cusing the hell out of me. Peblo,I was talking about ^Nice job but could of been better or This is crap,try to make it better please..or somthing like that. Not F*ck Tard!!
Posted by Peblo 19th February, 2006

The fucktard was directed at you for being stupid, it wasn't directed at your game. At least, that what it seems like.

At least stay consistent with your complaints. A bunch of members said "This is crap,try to make it better please" (maybe not the same words, but same message), and you start crying and try to send us on a guilt trip. Now you want us to post comments like that? Wanna make up your mind? Like I said though, I'm not going to lie and complement something that doesn't deserve it.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

Im not sending you on a Guilt trip! I do not cry. I may feel bad,But I dont cry over somthing stupid, deffently you. Insulting somthing is fine,But if youre calling the Creater names then the hell with you becuse thats there imagination and you can not change that becuse thats who they are.

You can tell the person to MAKE AND TRY HARDER ON YOURE GAMES PLEASE. And I know peps use that in deffrent ways Peblo But I dont like and welll not alllow some one to come up to me right in my face and say Fuck Tard! I just well not!
Posted by sententia 19th February, 2006

First, you have to realize that Peblo is the same age or even younger than you. So shut the hell up.

You need to put more work into your games. Default engin? Your logo at the beginning seems as though it is just scrawled righting in GIMP or photoshop that you used the "Mosaic" effect on. A lot of graphics looked ripped? The "Yoshi Strike" at the beginning is terrible, doesn't blend with the background at all, and is...messy. Don't use default counters or a normal text font. Now go and fix it.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th February, 2006

Learn to accept critisism. Even if you are insulted, bite your tongue and accept that they don't like you/your game.

Thats the thing with a community. In any community, you're not going to like everyone - and not everyone is going to like you either, especially if you don't let arguments drop and instead try to press home the point that you don't like being called a F**ktard. We get how you feel, but you must move on.

Advice for you when submitting games. (This actually applies to everybody really)

1. Check the spelling of the text. Make sure it is gramatically correct.

2. Try not to use badly ripped graphics. You will be ridiculed.

3. Learn to accept critisism of any kind, constructive or not. Listen to ideas of improvement suggested by the TDC members and act upon it to try and improve your game. But don't whine and complain because you'll give everyone an excuse to attack you.

4. Ignore insults, and, more to the point, don't insult anyone back.

5. The default counters are horrible and are considered to be a curse in the klik world. Go to the effort to make your own.

6. Try and avoid the use of the default engines and make your own if possible. If you lack the ability, study other platform engines on the internet.

7. There is no Point 7.

8. Keep the graphic style consistent. For instance, don't use Photoshopped backgrounds with fancy blur effects, and hand-drawn sprites. They don't mix.

9. There is no Point 9 either.

10. Test for bugs. Are there any parts which you don't like? Because if you aren't 100% satisfied that you've done the best you could, nobody else will be satisfied that you've tried and will come down on you like a tonne of bricks.


Just some helpful advice.
Posted by 19th February, 2006

Alright..I get it..
Posted by Stixdude 20th February, 2006

Your game is quite good, the only problem I have with this game is the large screen size, misspelling of some words, and organization. You don't have to make your own graphics but I do advice you to choose ripped graphics wisely.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st February, 2006

Believe me, Brandon, you're games aren't nearly as bad as mine were. I'll post them sometime.

Also...I'd change the name of the company. BM has more then one meaning.

Posted by Unknown 21st February, 2006

Criticism is the key to success. You must accept it and learn from it. Ask for suggestions on your game and what will improve it. Then you'll be able to learn from your mistakes and create more better games. Yoshi Strike is fun as least. Maybe I can help you out if you want.
Posted by Airflow 21st February, 2006

I'm amazed your young Peblo. Your so fluent! I thought you were... like, in your 20s.
Posted by Dalal 21st February, 2006

Brandon, don't worry. I used to make games that were fun among my friend circle, but if I would have submitted them here, negative comment ... negative comment ...

Just learn from whatever the criticism has to offer. If it is just full of insults and nothing else, than ignore it and move on.
Posted by BeamSplashX 21st February, 2006

At least you FINISHED something. I had great game ideas when I was thirteen and I sounded like I was good at this stuff because I'm a good writer... but it didn't mean a thing since I never finished that game. In fact, the only game I ever finished making was Skyblaed!... no sound... weirdly random music (in a bad way), and a DEFAULT PLATFORM ENGINE! I wish I still had the original graphics... then I could make a better game with 'em.

Oh yeah, and you could use some work on this, it's not really a keeper... though it may have to do with the fact that I don't like games like this a whole lot. I think there's a game called Ninja Assault up here on DC that serves as a pretty good 1P/2P example, though it's not like this.
Posted by Joey vvvv 1st March, 2006

Geez.....I thought it was GREAT!BM did a good job.Atleast my game won't be nooked.
Posted by Joey vvvv 1st March, 2006

Actually, I looked it over Klickly, and there is no misspellings.
Posted by Joey vvvv 1st March, 2006

Bibin, I agree with on the ...'s part but I'm not so sure about the other.





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