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Mario-Style Moving Objects! (Download Works Now!)
Author: Dalal Submitted: 13th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 397

Edited By Dalal on 24/02/2006

UPDATE: Uploaded the file to a better place... Give some comments and thumbs up!

My first submission to the site is a great engine that moves any object you like in a Mario-like manner. Whether it be shells, mushrooms, or goombas, this engine will allow you to do edge detections (for Goombas), and normal mushroom or shell movement. There is also a new fireball section added for creating a perfect fireball which bounces on flat ground and destroys when it hits a vertical wall! It's fully commented and SHOULD be easy to understand. And plus, this isn't complex at all. I'm tired of all those complex fireball tutorials you find on those websites, look at the one on MFGG... or those extremely complex mushroom engines. They suck! Here's how you do it! It is the most simple engine you'll see for moving objects. There are no detectors or anything. Simple, perfect movement. Completely customizable. Enjoy!

Questions and Comments are welcome!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 13th February, 2006

This is actually pretty decent for the mushroom movements - it should really have a screenshot, but I'll let it through as it wouldn't illustrate much.
Posted by Ski 13th February, 2006

Link didnt work for me?
Posted by en kerro 13th February, 2006

not for me neither
Posted by 13th February, 2006

Link doesnt work..Please FIX it.
Posted by DaVince 13th February, 2006

it works.

Remember the space that TDC mysteriously added?
Posted by Dalal 13th February, 2006

Hey! It's already up, cool!

Thanks for letting it up Wong (or David Newton)...

I updated this to include a screenshot AND DaVince [Black Wizards] thanks, I fixed the link. Sorry about that guys! Oh well, hopefully now everyone will be able to view it.
Posted by Hempuli 14th February, 2006

Posted by AndyUK 14th February, 2006

it would be nice to tell people it's MMF only.
Posted by Dalal 15th February, 2006

Thanks for pointing that out Andy. I edited the post to include that...
Posted by Dalal 15th February, 2006

Yeah, it should be obvious, but I put it in the title as well, so people don't have to waste their time opening this page to find that it's cca...
Posted by Silveraura 15th February, 2006

Well remember, some people might use Click & Create, which also uses CCA, but cant do much more then TGF can.
Posted by Dalal 16th February, 2006

Actually, Click & Create is worse than TGF by a large scale. At least the compiler... I remember downloading some old games created with C&C and, man, they were full of glitches. When I opened their CCA file to see what was going on, they ran fine with TGF. But, like Phizzy said, no one uses Click and Create, so it doesn't matter.

Right now, in this day and age, CCA = MMF...

Posted by Bibin 19th February, 2006

Shouldn't people be able to tell it's MMF by the 'cca' on the end of the link?

actually, TGF can open cca files, so long as they were created with TGF. some crazy cheese could have saved his TGF game as a cca, and it still works. I dunno who would want to do that though.
Posted by Dalal 21st February, 2006

I agree with Phizzy. Nobody would save their TGF as a .cca and nobody uses CnC therefore .cca = MMF. But forget that topic. Any comments on the ENGINE? So far I've only gotten like 2 comments, one from Hempuli and one from Wong... And I think this is a great engine, and could be helpful to many noobs who don't know how to handle mushrooms. It's easy to customize. Give me some thumbs up!

At least give some comments!
Posted by Dalal 24th February, 2006

I uploaded it to a more reliable host. Now it should work!
Posted by PurpleMadness 24th March, 2006

I did.

I like the engine, maybe I will use it in 1 of my platformers.

Thank you.





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