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Author: DarthFALCO Submitted: 22nd August, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By DarthFALCO on 24/03/2006

PakkMan is, quite obviously, a clone of Pac-Man. It's got all of the levels that we know of. Although we have never really played the original game past level 5 - so we could be wrong.

The aim of the game is to clear each maze of all the dots without being caught by any of the four ghosts that are chasing you around the maze. For each dot you eat you will be given 10 points and each power dot will give you 50 points.

If you eat one of the four power dots you will be given a short time when you can chase and eat the ghosts (which are now blue) for extra points. The points you will recieve for doing this are 200 for the first ghost, 400 for the second, 800 for the third and 1600 for the fourth. Each time you eat a power dot these points are reset to start from 200. Every time you progress through each maze the length of time that you can eat the ghosts is shortened.

The names of each ghost are:

Shadow / Blinky (red ghost)
Speedy / Pinky (pink ghost)
Bashful / Inky (blue ghost)
Pokey / Clyde (orange ghost)

Unlike the original game, all of these ghosts can chase you pretty well only with Clyde being a little dim sometimes.

There are several different items to collect and gain you bonus points during the game. These will appear twice during each level.

Here's the run down of each item:

Level 1 - Cherry (100 points)
Level 2 - Strawberry (300 points)
Level 3 - Peache (500 points)
Level 4 - Apple (700 points)
Level 5 - Grape (1000 points)
Level 6 - Galaxian (2000 points)
Level 7 - Bell (3000 points)
Level 8 - Key (5000 points)
(Key's are continued in each level from level 8 onwards.)

Also unlike the original Pac-Man, this game will go on forever once you get through to the Key level. The original Pac-Man stopped at an unplayable level number 256 due to the limitation of the hardware of the time.

The KeyBoard controls you will need to know are:

[ Space Bar ] ------- Start Game (during Character / Demo screens)
----------- Pause Game (during Game Play)

[ Arrow Keys ] ------ Use these to direct PakkMan around the maze while avoiding, or eating, the ghosts.

{ Secret Codes } --- Any codes you find can be entered by typing them in during the - Character / Nickname - screen.

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Posted by danjo 23rd August, 2005

i think i qualified enough to say this game is quite a reasonably well made game. mostly it played as it should have.. the only thing i didnt like was how you stopped when you ate a ghost. overall, it felt a little slowish, but atleast it didnt contain the usual crap movement, and non-exsistent ghost AI you normally see done with click pacmans. welldone
Posted by DarthFALCO 23rd August, 2005

Thanks for the comments Danjo. Yeah, the longer pause was a bit of a compromise I had to make. I'm using Multimedia Fusion Express which, I discovered while making this game, has an event limit. I had to cut the events down somehow, so it came out of the events for eating the ghosts and making the eyes run around the maze back to the cage.
Posted by Jamesbuc 23rd August, 2005

Very nice. :) The only problems are the ones that Danjo pointed out. :P I remember the original. Got past level 11. Lol
Posted by Bibin 23rd August, 2005

nice, except the origional pac-man had one maze, and it's a galaxian, not a galaga.
Posted by DarthFALCO 23rd August, 2005

Thanks bibinson you're right, it is a Galaxian. I wrote it down wrong in my description. It does only have 1 maze though.
Posted by Bibin 23rd August, 2005

yer welcome. I submitted my pac-clone, Pac-Man XP today. check it out tommorow, when it's put up. (if it is) also I have to ask, did you get the eyes movement, you know, shooting toward the box directly, from my "smallest decent pac-clone game? i used that too.
Posted by DarthFALCO 23rd August, 2005

I came up with the eyes shooting back due to the fact that it took only one event to do that, as I had run out of events. It took me 3 months to complete the game and I had to decide to do that while working out the engine, so as you can work out I didn't copy your idea. It's just a coincidence.
Posted by Bibin 23rd August, 2005

don't worry, I didn't think you did.
Posted by DarthFALCO 23rd August, 2005

What happened to my game being on the front page? Was it removed for a reason?
Posted by danjo 24th August, 2005

eyes back to pen isnt as hard as you may think.... ;)
Posted by DarthFALCO 24th August, 2005

Yeah, I had figured out a great way to do it and all and I was starting to do the events and then the game decided it wasn't gonna work anymore and started doing weird things. I then did some research and found I had too many events so I decided since I had most everything else done I could have the eyes go back with just one event.
Posted by Bear Cub 25th August, 2005

agree with danjo's first post. Thumbs Up :)





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