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Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith: Coru
Author: DarthFALCO Submitted: 29th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 93

Edited By DarthFALCO on 24/03/2006

Revenge Of The Sith: Coruscant Attack is an obvious knockoff of Star Wars and Space Invaders combined. It used to be a full screen affair, but being that it ran pretty slow on a lot of peoples computers I decided to change it run in a Window. I don't know what else to tell you. I really made this game for my 6 year old son as he likes both Star Wars and Space Invaders. It took me a while to work out the bugs (and I probably still have a few to fix) but I seemed to have done OK so I thought I would add some harder levels and put it out on the net for other people to play and enjoy (hopefully.)

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  (6.52mb )

Posted by thedefiantone05 29th March, 2005

lucas says that scene which opens the movie, will be the biggest battle in film history. so anyone star wars fan that plays this will be disappointed.
Posted by -Vinny- 29th March, 2005

well, good thing i'm not THAT big of a star wars fan now am i? lol, i don't know, i haven't tried the game out yet, and i don't think i will, because i'm too lazy XD
Posted by sup3rsnail 29th March, 2005

Biggest battle in Star Wars film history, right?
Posted by AndyUK 29th March, 2005

we dont expect much here, we werent expecting a recreation of the battle. besides its not out yet so how would we compare them? 6 meg seems a lot. Still its pretty flashy nice to see you've put a lot of work into it.
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd April, 2005

Errm.. your file has errors.
Posted by DarthFALCO 3rd April, 2005

Hi Guys. Thanks for the comments. Good or Bad they're all appreciated. Joshua, can you please let me know what errors you've found and I'll see what I can do. Tony. :)
Posted by defenestrator 3rd April, 2005

Anyone who goes to see the movie will probably be disappointed, too. Anybody who believes anything George Lucas says will probably be disappointed. Anyone who wants to play this game may be disappointed because they may not be able to open it. Anyway, always nice to see another old guy around here.
Posted by DarthFALCO 3rd April, 2005

OK. Sorry guys. I've just noticed what you're on about. I don't know how it happened as a couple of people managed to download it and open it when I submitted the game? Anyway, I have uploaded the zip file again and this time it should be alright. The uploaded file size of 6,727,902 bytes is exactly what it reads on my own hard drive. Tony. :)
Posted by Deathbringer 4th April, 2005

I'd say you probably uploaded it right, but they got cut off or interrupted while downloading it and it 'skipped' a few bytes, this happened to me on and off with my older computer
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 28th June, 2005

A "Space Invaders"-inspired game with "Star Wars" elements...that rocks! I love the intro scene too!





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