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Ork Attack
Author: Jimbob Submitted: 27th June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 224

Edited By Jimbob on 6/28/2005

Well, this is another arcade game, don't expect anything more, I hope it does what it's supposed to, and does it well. It's a half-faithful remake of an old Amiga PD game, there are some things different, but it's easily recognisable. It features:

- 7 levels over 4 scenes of ork bashing action
- 5 different orks and 2 boss fights
- Ork voice acting (kinda)
- Funky title music from TwiTerror
- Online highscores to beat
- A little minigame between scenes
- ...and some other little features...ohh...and some gore (just a little)


UPDATE: I changed the logo from a video to a still image so it should work fine for everybody now...I hope

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 27th June, 2005

it crashes right way for me.
Posted by Jimbob 27th June, 2005

Hmm, well I've had over 10 people test it with no ill results...I'll check it out.
Posted by Jimbob 28th June, 2005

K...if it crashes straight away for anyone else...can you try deleting logo.avi in the images folder? Tell us if that worked
Posted by AndyUK 28th June, 2005

No problems for me, cool game by the way if a little slow paced for my liking.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th June, 2005

I didn't have any trouble at all either. I thought it was pretty fun, especially the corpse cleaning bit.
Posted by Jason Orme 28th June, 2005

Spelt Orc wrong. :P
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th June, 2005

Nope, can be spelled either way.
Posted by Assault Andy 30th June, 2005

You spelt 'spelled' wrong :P
Posted by Airflow 30th June, 2005

You forgot a fullstop.
Posted by Cazra 2nd July, 2005

cool game! The orcs make funny noises when they die.
Posted by Jason Orme 4th July, 2005

nope, Orc is most definatly spelt with a c and not a k. beileve me, for I am the dungeon master
Posted by Jimbob 4th July, 2005

And 'definitely' is definitely spelt with an 'i' and believe spelt with the 'i' after the 'l'. I can play this game all day long :P Seriously though, it may matter to you, but it obviously didn't matter to the original creators...and I'm not gonna argue with that.
Posted by CsaR 4th July, 2005

I think I found a bug. If you call on the sword and then die before it has reached you, the swoshing sound will continue to play even at the submit score frame.
Posted by Jimbob 5th July, 2005

eek...damn sound bugs. I thought I had em all.





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