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Arena Runner
Author: Jimbob Submitted: 4th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 293
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Arena Runner is a fast-paced arcade game. The simple aim is to activate all the circles in the arena to advance to the next level. The only trouble is, you've got turrets on all four walls tracking your progress, waiting to shoot you down. Add to that all the things happening inside the arena and you'll be busy for quite a while.

- 25 Evil levels designed by Jimbob and Skn3
- Online Highscore board
- Arcade-y sound and graphics
- 5 top tunes from TwiTerror
- ...and hopefully plenty of playability.

By the way, this was made in Blitz despite the demo version being made in TGF.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th April, 2004

First comment. Wow, its not that great having the first comment! Its over-rated. Anyway, downloading...
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th April, 2004

This is cool! Nice graphics, level desgin rocks...Sounds a lot like Zone Runner...XD. Anyway, good job. Thumbs up...I might review it once I beat it. :)
Posted by Cazra 4th April, 2004

Nice. This doesn't look like it ws done in MMF. Looks like a programmed game. good job.
Posted by danjo 4th April, 2004

AGAIN,- why do you get these comments repeated here over and over-, its not done in click, and stop crying about it. i would rather see decent games worth downloading and playing here, than crap tgf games with ms paint stick grapics, that look like a 5yo made at kindergaten. this should serve as an excellent example of how to make a decent game.
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 4th April, 2004

Very nice. The concept is pretty good, and so is the music in my opinion, but what i like about it is that i dont lose it thinking its a stupid freaking hard game, i feel that its just lots of fun :)
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 4th April, 2004

It's good. I didn't play it for too long... I got past the first teleporter level before I had to quit for tea last night. Fun, time-consuming, and original. Well done, Jimbob. Danjo! You may be right, but settle down boy! :P
Posted by Chrisbo 5th April, 2004

This is a fun little game, needs a level editor though.
Posted by Jimbob 5th April, 2004

thats for the sequel...
Posted by Chrisbo 6th April, 2004

awesome! Yeah, I definitely like this game a lot! Mind if I make a clone after I finish astro man and my other puzzle game? :P
Posted by SoftWarewolf 6th April, 2004

sweet game :) thumbs up
Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 6th April, 2004

I downloaded it and the game crashed immediatelly when I tried to open it :(
Posted by Jimbob 6th April, 2004

It may crash if you dont have DirectX6 or newer installed, or if you do not have a sound card. Otherwise, I'm baffled. @Chrisbo: You may as well wait for the sequel, level editor, possible create your own level packs & graphics packs, OODLES more levels, features & gameplay. But if you really want to make one, be my guest... Thanks for the good comments by the way everyone.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 6th April, 2004

@ danjo, it's menopause, isn't it, don't worry, all women your age go through it.
Posted by Jimbob 7th April, 2004

I bet you thought that was really clever...don't bother. Insult the game if you want but just keep your other 'witty' comments to yourself.
Posted by CsaR 7th April, 2004

Nice game. I don't find it that hard. I got to lvl 23 on my second try. It's all in the hands :P
Posted by Bo Fu 8th April, 2004

I think it's great that non click games are here. I would upload some of mine if I were brave enough to.
Posted by Gus Stevenson 12th April, 2004

Very well done! This really feels like a Nintendo game, but with much more advanced graphics and music.
Posted by ChrisB 14th April, 2004

It's a fun game, but I don't like the window dragging :( There was an old game like this, I remember playing it on the Amiga... not that it matters. This can be made in MMF reasonably easily, I'm not surprised that people thought it was (but plays like a programmed game, whatever that means :|). I guess some comments at the top were deleted which makes danjo look like he's overreacting.
Posted by t0nad0 18th April, 2004

danjo likes to stick up for his fellow acoders ;P
Posted by Hauptmann_086 19th April, 2004

How very nice. Too bad I only have that crap TGF since I can't even afford to register.
Posted by KeyrenZero 19th April, 2004

hey danjo, shut up about ms paint >_<. if you use it right you can do anything, just need patience. Its all I use, and my graphics are just fine. Um, just dont use cloneX against me =/. *didnt do the graphics for CloneX*
Posted by SnS CEO 19th April, 2004

why did you plagarise!!!! hey, did you even give credit to sphere runner, the ORIGINAL game??? the REAL game @ wow, man. at least give credit... (incase your game came first, somehow, DONT KILL ME :O)
Posted by Hauptmann_086 20th April, 2004

hehehe. You assume without full knowledge.
Posted by Jimbob 21st April, 2004

I love Sphererunner, I made this game because of it...I did acknowledge it when I released a demo here last year, but I thought I had changed/added to the gameplay enough to make it stand on its the name not a big enough tribute to it?
Posted by SnS CEO 22nd April, 2004

hehe, i guess :). it was not a personal attack Jimbob, and i love your game ;). Keep up the good work!





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