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Capture the Flag!
Author: Yoshimaster Submitted: 9th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 106

An old game of mine back from 2003, Capture the Flag! is a topview shooter based in a huge neighborhood capture the flag game. Blast your way through hordes of enemies in various areas with water guns and water balloons to reach the flag located on the other side of the neighborhood. This game's a far cry from the version you undoubtedly played in Gym class...

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Posted by DaVince 10th May, 2005

Erk. That looks.... ripped. I don't like that. Not downloading...
Posted by Teapot 10th May, 2005

Why did you comment? This is pretty good. I think strafing would make the shooting mechanic much better. You can do this by having two object, one that moves and one that shoots.
Posted by Reno 10th May, 2005

Are those pokèmon GFX?
Posted by a.j. walker 10th May, 2005

yeah but why does ripped graphics make everyone whiney like my 1 year old brother? i am perfectly fine with ripped graphics
Posted by a.j. walker 10th May, 2005

the game is overall pretty good but the water gun won't really kill the enimies
Posted by Joshua M. 10th May, 2005

It's freewebs. I downloaded anyway. Damn it man when does Freewebs go away or something, it's a big sinner in the world of hosting.
Posted by KevinHaag 10th May, 2005

It looks good... but the big blue tee-shirt seems a little out of place.
Posted by wario 10th May, 2005

this game is pretty good.
Posted by thinlikenate 11th May, 2005

dammit! tricked into playing another crappy game! this game could definitley be improved with original graphics and a mouse controlled gun/crosshair. and why does the hero do whatever his principal says? what a sissy.
Posted by Sean Kelly 11th May, 2005

This game is kept me occupied for about 3 minutes. I have no idea how the heck this got front page mention though....riduculus!
Posted by Silveraura 11th May, 2005

The only time people complain about ripped graphics is when they look like this, crappy. Though to be honest, I cant rate the game, I havent played it yet, but judging by the screenshots I wont expect much. I'll download it though, give you my comment when I do.
Posted by Yoshimaster 11th May, 2005

Your guess is as good as mine. It's certainly not the greatest by today's standards... but it is a long game, which you might see if you endured its flaws. And the game does have strafing (basic strafing, at least). Just look at the readme.
Posted by en kerro 14th May, 2005

Aargh... Pokemon graphics! XD




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