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One Girl Army
Author: clwe Submitted: 6th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 498
Game of the Week Winner

Note that there are ripped graphics and sound/music in abundance here. If that kind of thing makes you all twitchy and nervous like Inspector Clouseau's hapless boss, then pretend this game doesn't exist on TDC =P. The rest of you, read on.

This is a fangame in the sense that it has familiar characters (Sonic and co.), but it's not your typical platformer. You don't need to know anything about the characters or the games - all you need is a passing interest in beat-em-ups.

You take control of Amy and fight your way through waves of enemies, eventually defeating the 'leaders' in each stage. You start off with a couple of special moves and learn more as you progress through the game, slowly allowing for more advanced combination attacks. Besides the special moves, you can bust out a 'Fury' attack to knock enemies for six when you're surrounded. There's also sticks of dynamite lying around - perfect for giving enemies a nasty surprise.

There are four stages in the game - each one is split up into two parts. At the end of a stage, there is either a minigame or a boss to contend with.

Additional features include:

• A daft story (to be taken with a pinch of salt. You can control the conversation speed in cutscenes or skip them altogether, too)
• Two difficulty settings, which also determine the game's ending.
• Autosave and load system.

As usual, I highly reccommend that you read the help file before playing the game. It explains how to change the default controls (they're set up a bit different from usual, spread across two players), as well as the game mechanics, saving/loading and a few other useful tips.

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Posted by Lupo 7th April, 2005

Wow!!!! I love this game! I've made up a max of 9 combo :-D The playgame are great and ther is no bug report. Good Work "Amy" ;-P
Posted by Jason Orme 7th April, 2005

this is really well made, you should consider making a beat em up tutorial. There just arent enough beat em up in the klik community.
Posted by matt-e-h 7th April, 2005

well what to say?! Great gameplay, fun sub games, great control system and no bugs! :D:D:D
Posted by seb 7th April, 2005

wow I love it!really well made,I can't see a thing I don't like in this game.And thanks for making me discover Five Iron Frenzy,I didn't know that band and I love it!
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 7th April, 2005

I am going to download this and review it is on my list:)
Posted by Yai7 7th April, 2005

Very good! =] Your game might win the best game of this week! (I'll Note myself to not release any games for this week!)
Posted by Joshua M. 7th April, 2005

I love this game! Well done!
Posted by Hill Gigas 7th April, 2005

Controls are awful. If you have to apologize for the controls in the description, why not just change them to something that makes more sense before you post it?
Posted by Jamesbuc 8th April, 2005

Yeah thats my only annoyance too with this game. :) but other than that its great :D
Posted by clwe 8th April, 2005

Shroomlock - Well, you can change the controls anyway, so it's a bit of a moot point. I'm left handed, so that setup makes sense to someone like me, at least. I know that you can't use the joystick (sorry), but you don't have to put up with s-x-z-c controls either, if you don't want to. Thanks for your comments.
Posted by John Keyes 8th April, 2005

clwe, that pink yellow blue bird was copied from a game, i cant remember which one but i think it was a gameboy advance game if i remember correctly. Anyway i advise u not to copy anything from any game.
Posted by clwe 8th April, 2005

*Ahem* - "Note that there are ripped graphics and sound/music in abundance here. If that kind of thing makes you all twitchy and nervous like Inspector Clouseau's hapless boss, then pretend this game doesn't exist on TDC =P. The rest of you, read on." Someone forgot to read the game description, or even glance at the credits in the help file, methinks =P
Posted by John Keyes 8th April, 2005

hmmmm how do i get past robotnik's car
Posted by matt-e-h 8th April, 2005

you have to wait for it to go to the front, then jump up a wack it on the backend.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 9th April, 2005

oh shut up Colin, you need to read before you post.
Posted by ChrisB 9th April, 2005

Nice game. You don't often see beat-em-ups.
Posted by Jason Orme 10th April, 2005

tutorial ;)
Posted by clwe 10th April, 2005, ok then =P. Why not. There hasn't been any tutorials covering the tricker parts of a beat-em-up (at least not recently), so it seems like a good idea. I will probably write an article about it sometime next week, based on the methods I used.
Posted by Nuklear41 11th April, 2005

ahhhhh the police??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!?!!?!?
Posted by clwe 11th April, 2005

Glad to see you doing the right thing and rating graphics more so than gameplay, nuklear. ;) /sarcasm
Posted by Jason Orme 11th April, 2005

I look forward to the article clwe. :)
Posted by Jason Orme 12th April, 2005

lol, 6 days later, this gets added to the main page. Deserves it though.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 12th April, 2005

Hmm interesting, althoughit can get a bit repetitive sometimes
Posted by elektro_D.I. 13th April, 2005

great game, is just a little repetitive, but very nice
Posted by Leerz 14th April, 2005

awesome, though when i tried to load my game, the contols went kaboom (neither of the buttons are responding) the game is still playing though,(music and all) still, awesome stuff! -edit the ini file- lol *dont try dat (its not encrypted?)
Posted by clwe 14th April, 2005

I agree that it can be repetitive sometimes. It's partly inherent to the genre, but also because of how I designed it. I was influenced by the relentless action in Dynasty Warriors 3/4 =P (and even 'borrowed' a couple of ideas). Still, there are minigames/bosses to break up the action a little, and you learn new moves after most sections to add variety. Leerz - Woah, that sounds strange. Generally speaking, it shouldn't do that at all =P (a one-off). If you had the chance to edit the ini file after that, then you're pretty lucky. It's probably because the screw-up happened when you loaded your game, which prevented it from encrypting the ini file (the ini is always encrypted unless it's being read/written to, and that only takes a split-second).
Posted by Leerz 15th April, 2005

hehe! edited the ini and jumped to the robotnik stage (u wont get mad if i spoil this info right?) [general] progress=4 score=16000 diff=5 lives=2 after the edit, ive re-run the game(works fine) then ran it for the second time, now the control probs emerge=P *looked at the ini. now its encrypted) Peace! --.. i'l just play it w/o editing anything (awesome audio)
Posted by clwe 15th April, 2005

Leaving the ini alone might be a good idea =P. I'm not bothered about you showing the contents of the ini...I'll even let you in on a little something. Section 4 (of the 'progress' bit) cannot normally be accessed via a save, as it refers to the start of stage 2-2 (the game doesn't save until you complete both parts of a stage). So, that could be why the game messes up a little =P
Posted by Zethell 15th April, 2005

Well what can i say.. I realy hate the sound effects.. the maps are all the same with diffrent themes.. -_-; Not my kind of game really.. but for a kid game.. its pretty nice done..
Posted by Leerz 15th April, 2005

hehe! atleast i didnt flame ur game! =P -looking forward to the artice =D X-D ^_^
Posted by clwe 15th April, 2005

Benjamin - I do see your point about the maps/levels - the way you traverse them is the same except for the final level (left-to-right with boundaries). It's the enemies that should provide the main interest, if it hooks you. However...I'm sorry if the game wasn't 'manly' enough for you =P (that is what you seem to be implying). I didn't target this at the kiddywinks, despite what the graphics or voices may suggest. That's a short-sighted assumption, methinks. (In case I'm sounding a bit negative here, I'll say that I do appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in the game. I only unleash my wrath/sarcasm in those rare cases it is warranted :D) PS - Everyone, vote for this game on GOTW an you'll get...a free ipod!* Yeah, that's it! *Terms and conditions apply
Posted by RC 15th April, 2005

best fangame ever :P
Posted by eddee 15th April, 2005

SWEET AS S***T, Hope you make more just like this!
Posted by ChrisB 16th April, 2005

Wow! I received my ipod today! Thanks clwe!
Posted by clwe 17th April, 2005

Another satisfied customer :D
Posted by Yai7 17th April, 2005

Tell me. did you faked some of amy's voices in one girl army?
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 17th April, 2005

Sonic with Sieken Densetsu 3 backgrounds eh? Interesting to say the least. Pretty wicked stuff. And I love the little voice samples. They sound kinda better than the ones in the Sega games. Good fun! And thank you for including a full screen option. It's so annoying when people force you to play a game in a tiny window and don't allow it to stretch when you maximise it, I've always been a full screen man myself. The only thing I would have liked to have seen in this is video card mode (VRAM) enabled on MMF so that it would do a bilinear filter full screen instead of pixellation, but I suppose there is transparency in there, and too much transparency cuses VRAM mode to go horribly slow. Apparently that will be fixed in MMF2. Thanks for a fun game anyway, I'll be playing this here and there for a bit of fun, most definitely.
Posted by clwe 17th April, 2005

Nastyman - I wouldn't even try faking a high-pitched voice like that, heh (mine is very deep). I 'nicked' all the voices myself from a little-known game on the PS1 - Evil Zone. Distant J - No problem ;). I know that there's a lot of people who prefer playing these kinds of games in full screen, so I gave players a choice. I prefer a windowed display myself, just so I don't blind myself sitting close to the monitor =P (I use the keyboard for control most of the time).
Posted by Marine Paloesha 18th April, 2005

What did you make this game with?
Posted by clwe 18th April, 2005

I used TGF for the vast majority of the game. I only copied the levels over to MMF for minor (but important) things like fixed backgrounds, sorting the view order of objects, etc. All of the major stuff was done in good 'ol TGF. Which just goes to show, there's plenty of life in it yet ;)
Posted by Paul_James 20th April, 2005

u really should put a tutorial or an article on advance techniques for beat em ups - because this is high quality stuff when do i get my ipod?
Posted by Joey Drasal 20th April, 2005

You should make another one that is more lengthy. Great game though.
Posted by Zethell 20th April, 2005

The combo system was kind of cool.. i like the animations! Good work :D Alltho.. your own grapics and better sound would be awsome..
Posted by clwe 20th April, 2005

Sniper - It wont be long. No need to send me your details...or anyone else, for that matter. I know where you all live =P The article - or rather, the open-source TGF example (I found it easier to do that way) is pretty much complete. I just need to comment a couple more it'll be ready tomorrow. I am actually considering whether to make another fighting game like this in the future. All I can say for now is...time will tell :). And yeah, I would definitely like to have original graphics. However, I'm not really interested in learning to make my own (what can I say? I just enjoy doing the event work instead), so maybe I could team up with someone for a wholly-original project.
Posted by Böðvar Pétur Þorgrímsson 24th April, 2005

Who cares whether the graphic is original or it's ripped, when it fits well? I just never manage to beat that HUGE amount of enemies. I hate those Rhino-thigns and those Weird plant-in-a-pot things....I never managed past the Mountain area, but it's definitely good anyway:D
Posted by Bo Fu 26th April, 2005

One question - is that money bag from Operation: Zeitgeist? If so, I should be in the credits...
Posted by clwe 27th April, 2005

Hey, give me a little credit =P. I would never rip graphics from homebrew games. It's from Streets of Rage 2, mentioned in the help file.
Posted by Bo Fu 28th April, 2005

I wasn't implying anything. Just wondering, because I drew one that looks like that. It's not a homebrew game, it's a full-fledged game. Just very unknown. I also forgot to mention that this is an awesome game. So sorry if it seemed like I was saying otherwise.
Posted by clwe 29th April, 2005

No problem - I was only joking around when I said 'hey, give me a little credit'. and it's a full-fledged game? Ohhh, right. I hadn't heard of it myself, so I assumed otherwise.
Posted by Joey Drasal 29th April, 2005

hey U should make a Wave mode. This is where u stay in one spot and waves of enemys come and u have to beat them and like when u get to Wave 5 or 10 a Different type of enemys come. Like a Free mode or something other then campaign. ****Just a suggestion****





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