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Sonic DIY demo
Author: clwe Submitted: 20th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 1422
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Edited By clwe on 3/21/2004

Edited By clwe on 3/21/2004

Edit - For those of you who have trouble loading files. If you haven't done so, you should use the folders in the zip file exactly as they are (just extract the 'SonicDIY' folder and plonk it somewhere). The folder for the levels should be called 'Levels', with the capital, and it should be in the same directory as the exe files. Although again, it doesn't matter if you just extracted the SonicDIY folder.

Bear in mind that saved levels also go in this folder. So, if the folder isn't there with the right name, then the level wont be saved.

Second edit - I have uploaded an edited version that fixes the parallax/background object bug. That's it, though.'s your choice whether you want to re-download it, depending on whether you're serious about making your own levels, or playing the two-player mode.

Those of you who scream at the sight of ripped graphics may turn away now.

The rest of you, read on. In a nutshell, Sonic DIY combines accurate Sonic engine physics and gameplay with an easy-to-use designer that allows you to create your own levels. In addition, you can even play created levels in the two-player online mode (56k or upwards).

The level editor itself allows you to place tiles from three different zones, along with boxes, badniks obstacles and other pieces. The editor can be operated almost entirely with a mouse, or in conjunction with shortcut keys, making level design a snip. You can create realistic levels with hundreds, or even well over a thousand objects in place.

The demo has most (if not all) of the features that the final version will have. At the moment, you can only choose tiles from three different 'zones/levels', but many more will be available in the final.

There is one test level that comes with the demo, called...'test level', funnily enough. Full inctructions for both the game and the level designer are included, so be sure to read them if you get stuck with anything.

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Posted by hey hey shoe 25th March, 2004

if it's not like the original engine, then this is what it should be like
Posted by Silveraura 27th March, 2004

I made a nearly perfected Sonic engine, but everyone just completly ignored it! No one downloaded or anything just because it said Sonic.
Posted by Tom Whiteley 27th March, 2004

I am an EXTREME sonic fan; I've loved sonic since I was 3; My childminder had a sega meagadrive system with Sonic & Knuckles, I'm glad you made this amazing level creator!
Posted by pulsecode 27th March, 2004

Very impressive stuff indeed! A bit skittish in places, but still, really really good stuff!
Posted by Elvn 27th March, 2004

Wow! This is easily one of the better games I've downloaded from this site! The engine is amazing and it runs so smoothly. It's almost identical to the real thing! Good work! :) And the graphics have been ripped nicely too! ^^
Posted by Matiss 28th March, 2004

Cooooool this game is AMAAAZZZZING!! I can't wait until FULL version comes out so cooooool! Want more backgrounds!!! MORE MORE MORE! GIMMEDAT! - the game is super - my rating: 100/100 pts
Posted by skn3 28th March, 2004

Good engine. Ripping graphics sucks.
Posted by clwe 29th March, 2004

Not as much as my so-called drawing skills, believe me :-P. I'd rather see ripped graphics in a game then horribly shonky, original ones, but everyone to their own...
Posted by joelene 30th March, 2004

holy sh*t this is good, can't wait til the full version is out!
Posted by Monkey33333 1st April, 2004

Posted by Iv4n 2nd April, 2004

Good work, clwe!!! I hope you'll release an updated version soon.
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd April, 2004

Please notify me what date you're gonna release the full version... I don't want my game to end up in the same GOTW poll XD
Posted by cu cu cody 16th April, 2004

oh man, since being a kid i would draw my own mario and sonic levels from the good old days and wish i always could play them, finally some of the thirst is quenched,,but boy cant wait till the final.
Posted by Maxigt 1st May, 2004

AWESOME!!! I can't wait 'til the final! Score = 999999999/5 Best sonic fangame engine I've ever seen! Though what would be really nice is like an axis change. So you run into something and then instead of walking on the ground you walk across the ceiling. Run into another one and visa versa! Great job! :D
Posted by Strife 2nd May, 2004

Yes, I would also like an estimated date for the final version's release. I'm heavily anticipating the full version! :)
Posted by Lewis 10th May, 2004

I normally hate sonic the hedgehog remakes. the origonals were the best. i had a master system, and sonic was the first game i ever played. However this looks like an exeption. looks like everything fits together perfectly. looks like there are a few added stuff in there as well. i cant wait to get started doing my own levels. good stuff here. well done.
Posted by David Niemeyer 12th May, 2004

OMFG, OMFG, OMFG!!! THIS IS THE COOLEST FUCIN THING EVAAaaR!\1!!!11 *bows to clwe as if he were god*
Posted by collier 22nd May, 2004

This kiks arse, this is what ive always wanted, this is like as good as TESCS.
Posted by MisterBull 25th May, 2004

This is too unbeleavable! .. but ofcoarse, one thing nobody has ever been able to figure out when it comes to Sonic fan games... how to imply bending bridges -_o just a good sugestion for future reasearch. But really, the engine on this game is superbly smooth... did a fine job on the loops and wall walking.
Posted by Tom Alder 26th May, 2004

nice1 pal.
Posted by Rik 17th June, 2004

This is absolutely fantastic, well done :)
Posted by Rik 17th June, 2004

"Good engine. Ripping graphics sucks." ripping graphics as far as fangames goes is surely somewhat of a requirement, i'd hate to play a so called sonic fan game with lame home made graphics. okay so maybe the key is good home made graphics, but nothing can beat the real thing. even if the graphics are techically better, using no ripped graphics would just emphasize the fact that it's a fan game and not the real thing, which is obviosuly what fan games are trying to imitate.
Posted by Liquixcat 19th June, 2004

i would just like to say 'WOW' This game would be much better if you simply added a charcter select for 1 player only beef..other then that, return to my previous statement
Posted by MisterBull 25th June, 2004

"ripping graphics as far as fangames goes is surely somewhat of a requirement, i'd hate to play a so called sonic fan game with lame home made graphics. okay so maybe the key is good home made graphics, but nothing can beat the real thing. even if the graphics are techically better, using no ripped graphics would just emphasize the fact that it's a fan game and not the real thing, which is obviosuly what fan games are trying to imitate." Well that's according to who's doing the graphics... People like myself are experienced in making some very decent pixel graphics... I'm making my own Zelda fan game, no ripped graphics or anything.. building my own tile based system of 20 x 20 pixels.. it actually looks close to the real thing.. but I've had atleast 20 years of graphical experience.. ^_^ And now.. for this game.. You've done a wonderful job on the engine.. I'd like to know how you got the loops to work right.. (most engines I've seen use fake animated movements, which arent always good)you've done a very sweet job with this system **thumbs up**
Posted by Mr Icekirby 4th July, 2004

i feel like saying so again, al the way in june, GOOD JOB!
Posted by blade1661 29th July, 2004

someone needs to make a full game out of this
Posted by Matiss 20th August, 2004

Umm... i can be a GFX MAN...
Posted by Jamesbuc 20th August, 2004

Go Sonic DIY GOTW 100! I know this will win!
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 22nd August, 2004

Very impressive. Problem is I wonder if anyone'll make anything with it, Sonic fan gaming is all about just showing off, and that's about as showoff as you get. People make their engines then never go any further, it'd be nice if someday someone actually makes a decent game out of these one or two worthwhile engines. If I know Sonic fan gamers, none of them will use this simply because they're too far up their own arses to make use of this, and they will continue to try and make their own engine more even more showoff than this.
Posted by X_Sheep 25th August, 2004

Sonic DIY for President! Err GOTW #100! Or both!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 5th September, 2004

both is good
Posted by SPL 28th January, 2005

i Have seen godder <.<
Posted by RC 26th February, 2005

it's good.. but not god-like -_-
Posted by cu cu cody 25th March, 2005

ready for full version!!!
Posted by clwe 8th April, 2005

Alright...I should have said something a long while ago, but I'll come clean now. Sonic DIY has been abandoned, I'm afraid :/ I was working on another game on and off since early December, which is now complete (One Girl Army). I can't say it has 'god-like' physics or accuracy ;) but you wont be disappointed if you're just looking for a fun game to play.
Posted by Whatever 19th April, 2005

There's not going to be a full version of Sonic DIY? I was looking forward to it =/ I'm making kind of a full game from this engine. I'm gonna make 4 zones with 3 acts each. Of course there's no way I could keep the player from playing them in any order, but that doesn't matter too much. So far, my levels are looking decent, but I was hoping the full version would allow me to make like a 10 zone sonic game. Can anybody direct me to another Sonic level maker if there's one available?
Posted by thor gaffney 8th May, 2005

i'd like to know aswell
Posted by Sepe 22nd May, 2005

This is SWEET! Nice Development use for the DirectPlay Extension. Cool Engine. Nice Music and graphics. This is really awesome.
Posted by Gav Luvsga 30th May, 2005

My name is Gav Luvsga and i disappove of this!
Posted by Brandon Batche 6th June, 2005

how di u put in the music? i know what to do but its not workin! ive been tryin for 2 days!
Posted by Brandon Batche 6th June, 2005

Posted by Whatever 24th June, 2005

Put an mp3 in the music folder. Click on the mp3 and look at what the file is called. Go to options and type in the name of it (extention and all). You can use wav files too.
Posted by Mike Haggar 18th January, 2006

Very impressive engine. Hopefully this will serve as inspiration for more than a few Sonic fanboys...
Posted by Regiwi 13th March, 2007

Awesome work man. I could spend hours on this. Great work!!
Posted by why 17th March, 2007

cool sonic game,is there a full version of Sonic DIY?
Posted by arpgme 1st April, 2007

I want the full version.
Posted by Zephni 2nd November, 2007

~ i love it.. movements good but somtimes unstable... have you seen the 360 degree movement done on sfghq? spot on.. if you could incorpirate that into your idea that'd be PEREFECT!

but all in all this is frikin awsum well done.,
Posted by dndfreak 12th January, 2009

my firewall says that the download page tracks my ip so i cant go there can sum1 get me a different link?
Posted by bubba damage 26th January, 2009
Rated :

this could be spiced up in mmf2, just a sugesstion.
Posted by Stick 24th November, 2020

is the link broken






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