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LGTA: a new age
Author: code641 Submitted: 3rd April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 92

Edited By code641 on 4/3/2005

This is a beta of a game that im makin with my spare time. Links Grand Theft Auto: a new age. This game does have SOME features of grand theft auto, its NOT a clone just with zelda features.

WARNING: talking to the people in city will have some bad outcomes. ex. talking about isues that are mature, the option of murdering inocent girls cuz they turned you down.


arow keys = move your player

space bar = action key

esc button = pause menu

visit: for my site

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\richtmans\code641\LGTAinstall.exe (22.6mb )

Posted by -Vinny- 3rd April, 2005

omg, you used the gfx from RPG Maker XP i advise against that, they don't really look good for no-tiled game engines, plus i personally don't like them, they look good and all, but aren't very useful
Posted by -Vinny- 3rd April, 2005

well at least you could have edited the gfx, the steps for example, instead of tiling them, you could have split them into 3 parts to make one wide set of steps, which would look so much better than so many tiled steps which looks ugly they way they are used and yes the gfx are ugly, but you may have inspired me a little bit to experiment with RPG Maker XP gfx XD thx man
Posted by code641 3rd April, 2005

cool, thnx for advice, you should talk to villigers at city.
Posted by Wicked Studios 6th April, 2005

You shouldnt use the graphics from RPG Maker, instead make your own. Also dont call it a Zelda game if the dude doesnt even look like Link. Really.
Posted by code641 6th April, 2005

i said its a beta, ill add the intro in LATER, wich tells the story
Posted by code641 7th April, 2005

watever, this is a side project, not releasing full for a while. P.S. i just like bold





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