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Forgotten Legends 0.3
Author: en kerro Submitted: 10th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 88

Edited By Perttu Tuovinen on 2/11/2005

Edited By Wong on 2/11/2005

This is how it begins...
The hero is Lexus, a warrior who is in Birchcape Town, but he don't remember why. He wants to solve, why people won't return from the new Factory, where is their new job. But first he must practice!
This demo contains:
Chapter I: The Town
Chapter II: The Sacrifice
Chapter III: The Journey begins

For better gaming experience, you must install FONTS.

1. Copy all TrueType - font files from the 'Fonts' folder.
2. Open Hard disk (usually C:/).
3. Open 'Windows' folder.
4. Open 'Fonts' folder.
5. Paste all fonts to the folder. Your PC will Install the fonts to your computer.

That's it! Play the game and tell yhat you think about it!
And remember, it's just a DEMO.


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  (6859kb )

Posted by 11th February, 2005

great game! i liked the atmosphere of it. it make the game much more qualitative. but you have to change three things: 1) DON'T use KNP graphics cos: a) it's not fit for your own graphics. b) your graphics is great. don't use KNP. 2)the counters and other things not really fit the game. you should change them. 3) use fast loop for the save. but except those this is really good and quality. keep the good job!
Posted by 11th February, 2005

haha just saw it unprotected... why did you used counter for the save? :P just to make us think it "saving"? you can keep it if you want but it should be better without it...
Posted by en kerro 11th February, 2005

That counter IS only for that saving... trick. it's not long and I just - wanted it for my game. An guess what? The KNP and TGF graphics are in my game, but I will delete them sometimes. i don't do it now because I'm making the forest. The trees are made of three objects (1: down part, without obstacle, 2: middle part, obstacle and 3: upper part for that you can go behind the tree. But sure I WILL delete those crap KNP & TGF graphics, except the castle's paintings.. AND: WHAT IS FAST LOOP? I don't know i'm beginner with TGF...
Posted by en kerro 11th February, 2005

Now the game is protected... ...I think...
Posted by 11th February, 2005

Ihan hyvä, mutta ota huomioon varjot. (erityisesti hahmo suunnittelussa.) -------------------------------------- (Pelin suojaus ominaisuus vain TGF:ssä ja MMF:ssä.) - Suojaa pelisi -> save as stand alone game -> klikkaa "protect game" options valikosta. (Jos et suojaa peliäsi, sen käyttäjät voivat muokata sen tietoja, pölliä grafiikat ja ynnä muuta sellaista.) :)
Posted by en kerro 11th February, 2005

Kyllä mä protectin jo tiiän, unohin vain. Mut mitä varjoista? En käytä niitä paljon (vai tarkotatko Shadeja???).
Posted by Joey Drasal 11th February, 2005

This game looks awsome it is just the graphics that look kind of bad.
Posted by Böšvar Pétur Žorgrķmsson 11th February, 2005

AND: WHAT IS FAST LOOP? I don't know i'm beginner with and find the fast loop extension. If you dont understand looping, tell me it and I'll send you an excellent (TGF format ofcourse) looping example. Then you can understand the fast loop object. And my email is I hope you didn't get any damage to your eyes reading this post. Boksi
Posted by Klikmaster 11th February, 2005

Wow, nice game. Not too complex but fun, this is what clicking is all about!
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 11th February, 2005

Very nice cut scenes. The difficulty curve is pretty steep since you have to go from battling the easy kid to the shades.
Posted by Teapot 12th February, 2005

From the comments I think this is clicking returning to its roots! DLing.
Posted by AS Filipowski 12th February, 2005

Perttu Tuovinen should be the name of the hero. It sounds better then Lexus
Posted by en kerro 12th February, 2005

Sorry. I don't like my name.
Posted by AndyUK 12th February, 2005

because you're a cheat commandos fan
Posted by Airflow 14th February, 2005

We Must blow up the ocean!
Posted by en kerro 15th February, 2005

Surrender AND DIE!!!
Posted by ß | ų ų Š _ (/\) ! $ ţ 17th February, 2005

hmm nice KNP production! i remember my first attempts with KNP...soo long time ago... :D
Posted by en kerro 20th February, 2005

Hey, ß | ų ų Š _ (/\) ! $ ţ. This game is not made with ONLY KNP. I strted to make it with KNP in 2004, but in autumn (fall) 2004 we bought TGF. Look, it haves (one) scrolling level and saving/loading game with INI. And also 1000 global values extension, so you can't do Forgotten Legends with KNP. Only with TGF (or MMF). aargh





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