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ContactBox 1.5 Public Beta
Author: Tom Boyce Submitted: 8th January, 2005 Favourites:0
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Contact Box 1.5 will offer a host of updates across the entire application as well as introducing some new features that were requested by users from around the world. Below is a summary of the new features.

You can now specify filters when searching to gain more control of the results. Because the search technologies are linked with the Smart Group features the filters are extended across the entire group engine too. You can choose to only search names, internet details, addresses, phone details and more.

It is also possible to disable internet updates for users concerned with security and firewalls permissions.

Security will be the biggest focus of ContactBox 1.5 and was requested by many users. We have thought about security and done alot of research into security and encryption systems. Our goal was to create a powerful and easy to use set of security features that where focused on the users piece of mind. ContactBox now features a powerful duel layer encryption procedure across the whole system that protects your sensitive data whilst it is not in use. To make ContactBox even more secure we have added a password logon screen.

The logon screen password is completely unlinked from the encryption processes so even if someone manages to hack their way past the logon screen they will be presented with unusable data. Also we noticed that no security systems alert the user of any attempted hacks, so we added this. If a user tries to logon to your account and fails 3 times then the logon screen will be locked. When you return to ContactBox and sucessfully logon you will not only be alerted that someone has tried to hack your data but you will be given their username, date and time of the attempted logon.

Also new to Contact Box 1.5 is a range of fields of data that you can store for each contact. You can now store keywords for each contact that allows you to create more refined searches. There is also the addition of a nickname field and a notes field. When a contact as notes they are attractively displayed in a new panel. If a user has no notes you will just see the panels you are familiar with.

We have also added the function to be able to lookup a contacts name directly into the Google Search Engine from the action menu.

ContactBox 1.5 has an improved interface that makes work flow easier. There have been minor interface changes to the whole application. The new preferences dialog makes it easier to find the options you need to change. A completely redeisgned export dialog that now features Comma Seperated Value (CSV) export. A brand new search group dialog that makes creating search groups easier than ever. You can also now double click a contact in the contact list to edit their properties and finally more menu items for those who prefer using menus.

If you are installing this beta and use ContactBox 1.0 then please do not install this beta over your 1.0 installation. If you use 1.0 then please continue to do so as your main contact manager and do not rely on this beta fully. Also if you are new to ContactBox and wish to use this application we recommend that you download 1.0 for use until 1.5 is made available as a final release.

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Posted by Liquixcat 9th January, 2005

This is good if I have a tragic accident and forgot who I am and all those around me. It's actually pretty nice though, good job.
Posted by Tom Boyce 10th January, 2005

Hmmm.... I don't think the only people who use contact manager ares those afraid of tragic accidents.





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