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Contact Box 1.0
Author: Tom Boyce Submitted: 6th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 64

Edited By Tom Boyce on 11/6/2004

Contact Box 1.0 is the final release version of Contact Box. It offers many new features and performance enhancments over the test/beta versions previuosly distributed.

Main Features:
- Management Tools
- Clean user interface
- Meta searches/search groups
- Sync Manager
- Internet Updates
- Integrated Backup
- Network aware
- User picture tool
- Export and import wizards
- Action Links
- Large screen phone numbers

For more information check out

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Posted by Herb 6th November, 2004

Posted by gizmo 6th November, 2004

Amazing :) *Thumbs up*
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 6th November, 2004

Probably one of the most Professional click applications ive seen, awesome work. I probably wont use this program, but im sure many others will!
Posted by Villy 6th November, 2004

Best app ever:)
Posted by Leerz 7th November, 2004

Posted by Kris 7th November, 2004

Hey Tom, haven't seen you for a while :D Great prog!
Posted by Danny Boy 7th November, 2004

Hi there Tom! I must say, I like this. But just one question, what does the program report to the Internet? Cause my firewall blocked it.
Posted by Tom Boyce 7th November, 2004

It will be the internet update checking Danny Boy. We offer a provacy policy to ensure your data saftey you can view this at
Posted by Danny Boy 7th November, 2004

Alrighty then;) BTW your webpage design, i'm lovin' it:P
Posted by Tom Boyce 7th November, 2004

Thanx Danny Boy...
Posted by Tom Boyce 7th November, 2004

Kris do you still use msn if so get in touch
Posted by Jack Galilee 8th November, 2004

once again.... rad :D I filled my box
Posted by Tom Boyce 8th November, 2004

He he "fill your box" I should use that for a slogan XD
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 18th November, 2004

GJ ;] One of the most pro look progs ive seen for a while on mmf :P
Posted by Garth G 14th July, 2005

I LOVE the look of it. Im defintly downloading this.





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