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Circuit Runner
Author: Weston L Submitted: 1st November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 73

A game that was actually started in 1996 by being drawn onto paper, Circuit Runner, is a platform game that starts off as you being stuck inside a computer. The original title was Too Much for You and was inspired by a game called Micro Man by Brian Goble.

I finished (and posted on my site) this game a while back, I have not yet released it to the public.

This was back when I used library sounds/musics :| sorry about the non-originality in that regard.

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Posted by Noyb 2nd November, 2004

Not bad for a game based on the default platform movement, but you probably should have mentioned somewhere that "a" activates switches. It's annoying how dying (either by simply falling off the bottom of the screen or losing all of your lives) kicks you back to the main menu (except in the boss level), especially since passwords are given out sporadically. The boss itself is interesting, but with a major flaw: you can't move. Since the boss shoots out random damaging projectiles, you can't dodge them. You can only win if you figure out the pattern to hurting the boss while minimizing the amount of energy lost to shooting your own projectiles, and get lucky enough to not get hit too often by the boss's projectiles. The level design is pretty good, though, despite some sections where it is difficult to go past without getting hit. Not bad.
Posted by Weston L 2nd November, 2004

You're absolutely right, Noyb. However, the passwords are given out every 3 levels, with the exception of level 8 since it is the last level. You forgot to mention that the "zap power" system of firing is really weird, too.
Posted by Noyb 2nd November, 2004

Wow, I didn't even realize that you could shoot, since I assumed "Ctrl" and not "z" was fire. Yeah, it has the "fire in direction of character" bug where it fires up/down when jumping/falling/landing. It's good level design that I was able to beat the game just by avoiding enemies, though.
Posted by 4th November, 2004

I'm checking it out.
Posted by 4th November, 2004

OMG, even with a 100Mbps connection it downloads with 9 Kbps speed :O
Posted by 4th November, 2004

couldn't check it out sorry, connection broke
Posted by Weston L 4th November, 2004

That's weird - I pay for hosting, and my own domain, as you can see. The server might have been down...
Posted by Muggus 7th November, 2004

Hahaha did you realise at the heading of the window it says "Circuit Runner (c) 1996-20002" ?
Posted by Weston L 8th November, 2004

Yeah I did. While I was gathering screenshots. Unfortunately I lost the open-source a while back, so I was unable to fix it.





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