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Author: Weston L Submitted: 24th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 109

This is my first adventure game. It's about bein' a gangsta and raising heck on the streets. You go around your hood stealing things, vandalizing, beating people up, pretty much anything a gangta would do.

The game's rated ages 9+ for Mildly Comical Hooliganism

Don't forget to pull your pants up!

ctrl = pull up pants
arrows = move
shift = jump
spacebar = punch

Have fun!!

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Posted by Metal Maiden 24th August, 2003

well looks like no one's talked about this game. Lemme try it.
Posted by Metal Maiden 24th August, 2003

omg this's funny!
Posted by Metal Maiden 24th August, 2003

Yea this is really funny. I played it for some time. It'd be hella cool if you didn't have to start all the way over, tho. Nice.
Posted by Pete Nattress 24th August, 2003

wow... i just had déja vu... haven't you submitted this before?
Posted by Weston L 24th August, 2003

I submitted a preview for it back in April or May
Posted by Patrick 25th August, 2003

when dos it start, i just see a car who moving..
Posted by TS Team 25th August, 2003

Hey...finally someone in the Klik community who makes a game I am very related to!
Posted by Weston L 25th August, 2003

Haha Oh and patrick. Click the text that says play.
Posted by Patrick 26th August, 2003

oh.. Sorry... :D
Posted by Patrick 26th August, 2003

I have a question, how do i do when i am in the cd shop? how to get out from there?
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th August, 2003

why does he shoot you if you give the stereo back? why get arrested for indecent exposure if he's still wearing underpants? anyway, it's still an original concept and, like the review says, vaguely amusing. but it definetly needs some work.
Posted by Metal Maiden 27th August, 2003

whta do you do once you buy the cd? I get shot!
Posted by Pete Nattress 27th August, 2003

wrote my own review through sheer boredom.
Posted by underjoyed 27th August, 2003

I agree with your review Pete, I didn't get much from this game either.
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

Very short, isn't it?
Posted by Rott bott 27th August, 2003

Is that a thug? It looks like a freakin hip-hoper... I was hoping for a cockneyspeaking skinhead stealing cars and stuff... Cool anyway :)
Posted by The Chris Street 27th August, 2003

You need to knock over the sign in the shop and take the dosh, then leave.
Posted by Pete Nattress 27th August, 2003

although quite why escapes me.
Posted by ChrisB 27th August, 2003

Well, obviously a falling sign will make you recoil in horror and turn into a statue.
Posted by Weston L 29th August, 2003

Philip Linde: You need to understand urban gangsterism to understand the word thug the way it is used here. Pete Nattress: He see would see you moving towards him again and since he has a gun out it's the best idea he could come up with for defence. The being arrested for indecent exposure is an exaggeration. I reccomend anyone downloading this game from now on, do not take it seriously. :-) -End of line.
Posted by Jonny 26th October, 2003

pulling up ur pants kinda gets irratatin afta a while
Posted by Noyb 31st October, 2004

Funny, and better than Gangsta.
Posted by Leerz 13th November, 2004

"not found"
Posted by Nightfire 25th February, 2005







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