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VqR 2005 plugin creator (please help make default
Author: Mr. Mikliz Submitted: 19th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 39

Edited By Mr. Mikliz on 10/19/2004


Please help speed the development of VqR 2005 and VqR : ASP Edition by creating plugins for it. I need standard function plugins, (LINK,IMAGE, and more) to include with it. Some more difficult ASP code for VqR 2005 AND ASP Edition will be helpful too. PHP code plugins for VqR 2005 will also be helpful. VBScript and JavaScript plugins will help us, and the standard HTML will also speed development. Please help us speed up development!

O ya, if you make a plugin(or maybe more then one), and you think it could be included with VqR send it as an attachment or a link to

I can have attachments as big as 10MB, but im hoping your plugin stays under 1MB, if its more then 600K theres probably somethin wrong (image to big in pixel size and in BMP format?)

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Posted by Bo Fu 20th October, 2004

Er... maybe I'm missing something... but what is VqR?
Posted by Mr. Mikliz 20th October, 2004

HTML,PHP,JSP,ASP, VBS,VB,HTA(HTML Application) creator. You can make alot of those easily
Posted by gizmo 20th October, 2004

Couldnt you say web design suite? The help file isnt very "helpful" for this....What do all the fields do o_O Good luck on VqR anyways, though it would be a good idea to combine ASP and Normal edition for that extra functionality ;)
Posted by Galaxy613 23rd October, 2004

Why did you release this before Releasing VqR?
Posted by DaVince 23rd October, 2004

This would be website programmers only, right?





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