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Product Keeper
Author: Mr. Mikliz Submitted: 12th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 35

Edited By Mr. Mikliz on 9/25/2004

Product Keeper is a application for keeping track of products, printing reciepts, managing workers, and printing info papers on products. It does more then that too! You can keep track of your customers in many ways! Run a used car dealership? Keep track of your customers payments and keep records of any payments they missed.

*Please note that not all features are programmed in yet*

Screenshots at

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Posted by Teapot 13th September, 2004

not my thing, but sounds useful.
Posted by Kris 13th September, 2004

you know, there's a seperate box for screenshots
Posted by Bo Fu 13th September, 2004

Nice and professional... Visual Basic, I assume?
Posted by Mr. Mikliz 13th September, 2004

i tryed that, i had to edit cause the image wouldnt load there
Posted by Mr. Mikliz 13th September, 2004

i mean they wouldnt load here
Posted by Silveraura 13th September, 2004

Did u mention my beta testing?
Posted by Mr. Mikliz 13th September, 2004

in the readme, ya





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