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Little´s Haunted Quest
Author: bladeboy Submitted: 14th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 446

Edited By [|--CIRCY--|] on 7/17/2004

You are Little, an apprentice exorcist working for the wizzards council. This is your first mission, go to the cursed castle and purge it from evil.

arrows move
fire 1 (shift) attack button
fire 2 (Ctrl) action button

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 14th July, 2004

I edited your download, and hosted your game on my server so more ppl can download it. That's the only change I've made.
Posted by Hill Gigas 14th July, 2004

This is an awesome game! It's obvious that you spent some time on it. :)
Posted by AndyUK 14th July, 2004

yeah pretty good! not a lot of music though some places are silent.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 14th July, 2004

This game is friggin awesome! Reminds me of the classic zelda games. Nice artwork and great gameplay, but more music to give a unique feel to each area of the game would be even better. Great job monkey! Now there's a sentence that can't come up much...
Posted by Radix 14th July, 2004

I'll do a haiku I enjoyed this Zelda clone I once made one too Hey, a rhyming one I did it without trying How damn cool am I? Look, there's a lever Oh, the door won't stay open I think I might cry Hey, there on the right A secret hidden tunnel That's original A big scary ghost! I think he wants to hurt me Too bad I am 1337 I got a green book It lets me shoot double shots Saves me shooting twice I guess.
Posted by Cazra 14th July, 2004

What are you supposed to do in the blue dungeon with the shadow enemies? None of the doors will open.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 15th July, 2004

Snerlin, your supposed to press the floor panel in the far east room and then travel north to the skull door and use the newly moved wall to hide from the gaze of the statue.
Posted by Aaron Tomko 15th July, 2004

Monkeycrew, I have reached the final wizard boss and although it's a great boss battle design, I would like to make a few helpfull suggestions. First off, the program suffers from minor lag at the beginning of the battle sequence and most often than not I wind up going from max hearts down to 2. I would suggest making the boss' AI program wait until the timer has reached 1 or 2 seconds as to avoid any repetion of singular events. And lastly the blue aura attack and the ground fire have no warning signs what so ever and are far too fast to dodge in most cases. Like I said just some ideas. All in all this is a great game. Are you planning on making another game in this series?
Posted by Radix 15th July, 2004

It turns out I'm wrong The book does not speed up shots It is just a key The big skeleton Flew off the right of the screen And never came back
Posted by Muggus 15th July, 2004

Very good game, but I keep on getting stuck on that blue level with the statues.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 15th July, 2004

Man this game is awesome, i was a huge fan of zelda so i knbe id be loving this, great game got upto the Skeleton boss and he whooped my ass ill have a crack at it later and probably review it.
Posted by _Elektro2000 15th July, 2004

Very godd game, simple and fast. PRO good graphic and simple combat sltyle NO the icons bars is too little! is hard to see in the background!
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 15th July, 2004

How do I move those eye statues if this is possible?
Posted by Cazra 15th July, 2004

yay! I beat it! ^__^
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 15th July, 2004

Me three
Posted by MasterM 15th July, 2004

looks nice downloading
Posted by Peblo 15th July, 2004

Beat it too! Skeleton was harder than the last boss though.
Posted by Dust11 15th July, 2004

If you need music for this game,I'd be happy to write some in .it format and match it to the appropriate levels and stuff (I'm a really good musician). I can also do custom sfx. I still have to play the game first though (will do tonight).
Posted by GoMoogles 16th July, 2004

Just one Just wow. Anything that plays like Zelda is automatically great in my book!
Posted by Jenswa 16th July, 2004

Looks ok, plays a little less... Nice game anyway.
Posted by stars 16th July, 2004

hmm i was fighting the skeleton boss with the shield and then the music stopped and we both couldnt shoot anything...
Posted by Ashman 17th July, 2004

Looks ALOT like Zelda from the screenshots but congratulations on submitting the first game I've downloaded out of actual interest (as opposed to a game that looks like fun to mock) in months.
Posted by Harvy 17th July, 2004

I have two color books, four items, and loads of hearts, but can't seem to get anywhere else (after the demon with the giant shield). Am I missing something really obvious?
Posted by Wraith Storm 18th July, 2004

Love it! Solid gameplay, Great graphics and i LOVE the music tracks taken right from the awesome "Ys" games. Plays just like a good ol' Zelda game but what would have been REALLY cool is if you had made a tackle system like in the Ys rpgs. But that would have been too much bliss for me to handle. Curse you! Now i gotta hook my Turbo Duo up and play Ys I and II! (There goes 30 hours of my life!) Oh well, Keep up the AWESOME work MonkeyCrew and And NEVER forget about the classics!!!
Posted by Jamesbuc 18th July, 2004

Lol this is GREAT!
Posted by Death Reaper X 18th July, 2004

This is my favourite style of game, nice one monkey!
Posted by contra 18th July, 2004

awesome stuff. glad you decided to release it stefan. you da man :)
Posted by Nick Heffner 18th July, 2004

Ok...the blue dungeon ? A wall pushes out from the south... Now what? There is a picture of a skull to the north...what do I do in that room?
Posted by Strife 18th July, 2004

I can tell that you spent a long time making this game. Good job! I reminds me of the good ol' days, playing Zelda on the NES. :) Aaaahhh...
Posted by Strife 19th July, 2004

I'm also having trouble with the skeleton. C'mon monkeycrew, give us some pointers!!
Posted by hey hey shoe 19th July, 2004

I love this game! Shane Goss, what software do you use to make .it files?
Posted by Bruce Juice 20th July, 2004

This game is great. I new this would remind me of zleda once I saw the trees. I'm half way through it, so I haven't seen the ending that I've heard "sucks".
Posted by Aaron Tomko 21st July, 2004

Can anyone give me a strategy to beat the end wizard? At the start I can only hold over to dodge the load error at the beginning of the battle were it shoots 20+ fireballs, and then can't seem to find any pattern to defeat it, or even attack it more than a handfull of times before dying. Any help is much appreciated.
Posted by bladeboy 21st July, 2004

hm, im very sorry for this. it realy annoys me that the skeleton boss dont drop the cloak sometimes. ive checked the code and i realy cant find any reason for it. if it happens do as Sherman Neff said, kill him again untill he drops it. the ini doesnt register the boss as killed untill you pick it up, so... i might add that it has never happend to me nor anyone who have test played the game. same goes for the load error that aaron tomko mentioned. sorry about that. anyway. i had alot of fun making this game and i thank all you for the mixed respons (and i know, the end is lousy)
Posted by Joey Drasal 21st July, 2004

i cant play this game because it is telling me i need thi cnc thing.
Posted by DaVince 25th January, 2005

Copy those DLLs cncblah.dll to teh directory.
Posted by Shroomster 30th April, 2005

I can't kill the skeleton with the sheild! I just keep on shooting it and i hear the damage noise but it does nothing! Also, i found out you can cheat and change this file to get all items and stuff.
Posted by Clive conner 26th May, 2005

Would some one just put a way to to the skeleton with sheild.Im stuck on that as well






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