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Bazooka Challenge
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 15th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 182

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Challenge 0.99 (Sinkohippa)

2.Start menu items
4.Playing the game
5.Level Editor

Unzip the game and it should be ready to run.
If the game doesn't work right away, copy the cncs232.dll to your windows\system folder.

These days all the most ruthless criminals and traitors are not being killed, but captured and transported to the prison planet "Rhamos".
There only the strongest of prisoners survive the hard enviroment. There is however a possibility to get out of the planet... Only chance is to take part of a killing gameshow, the Bazooka Challenge.
The military wants excellent soldiers to their whatever purposes and there is a certain number of recruits they desire. The mass of prisoners wanting out is enormous compared to military's need, so they'll have a Bazooka Challenge tournament and it will take as long until the number of challengers has decreased to correlate the need.

2.Start menu items
There are several options in the menu. Most important is to choose a scene from the "maps" directory, because if you don't do that, you'll be playing in a fully blank scene.

Game Mode: In single player and team mode you are sent to a clean sweep. Something went terribly wrong in experiments over a new morph breed and what's worse, they melted their way out of the lab... Task is simple, destroy all morphs.
The duel mode is bazooka challenge against other human player.

Rounds: I hope I don't have to explain this one...
Destructible walls: Hmm... The missiles will punch nice holes to the walls

Autofire: You can just hold the fire-button (rather not very close to walls or other objects)
Bouncymode: This could be fun <: )

Barrels: ...filled with something explosive or poisonous. You can adjust how heavy the barrels will be and how much they can take damage, should they spread shrapnel and/or flames (flames only for explosive barrels).

Morphs: Nasty creatures, once tried to take over the earth and annihilate mankind. Originally intelligent lizard-like creatures that could morph their body into something we'd call slimeball...
However morphs used in Bazooka Challenge are genetically manipulated version that lacks the intelligence of the original morph and shouldn't be able to morph into lizard-like form. Additionally this form can reproduce quite rapidly by dividing.

The number of parts in on divide can be adjusted, as well as the number generations before the perish.
Also the health and offence mode (try the modes yourself!) can be adjusted.
If you pick the acid setting on the morphs gradually melt their way through... Almost anything.

Level editor: check number 5.

Player 1:
arrow keys to move
shift to shoot

Player 2:

Space=press it when you are told
F8=menu bar where you can for example change the control keys.

4.Playing the game
Try to kill your opponent by shooting a homing missile at him/her.
Try to avoid getting missile in your head because it will very likely kill you. Also avoid getting in any explosions, because they also kill you
Watch out for the morphs, they'll start to digest you at the same second they touch you...
Depending to the offence mode (in a duel) you can find some ways to lure morphs after your opponent >: )
Utilize the fact that the empty borders wrap you to the other end of the scene - Remember the fact that also the morphs, missiles and other stuff will be wrapped as well
Try NOT to shoot the walls too near you, that'll end your life quite too soon
Here comes the hard part: If you press and hold the firebutton, the missile flies straightforward, but the second you release the button, it starts homing towards your opponent. (this doesn't work in autofire mode)

From the boxes you'll find many neat weapons and other helpful things... However you should watch out because some boxes hold not so nice surprises :S

5.Level Editor
You get to the level editor from the lower right corner button in start menu

From the right edge you can choose between pieces: empty, wall, morph, barrel, box. You can put the chosen item into level by pressing left mouse button in the place you want it.

Loading and saving the level: "Load" and "Save" -buttons

Starting points of the players: Move the mouse cursor where you want the blue player to start and press numeric key 1. To set green players start point press 2.

We are very sorry for the bugs in the editor. The worst bugs occur when loading the level :S

To everyone who tests this game and gives feedback
To everyone that I've beated in this game...
To Salvation for showing me that someone can beat me 100-1 in my own game
To Hannu Kalmari for planning and inspiring the making of this game.

New features in verion 0.99 are Saving and loading of settings, poison barrels and sound effects.
If you have good ideas, now would be the time to tell about them... You'll just might see some your idea in the final version. At least there will be proper menus at startup and maybe some music... Oh and I try to get readme file in swedish too... somehow


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Posted by Galaxy613 15th May, 2004

this game is great! me and my bro love it! I'll upload screenies soon.
Posted by Galaxy613 15th May, 2004
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 15th May, 2004

Umm, sorry, but the description sucks wind. I'll download it since its your first game, but, as Loki from Dogma said: "Your gettin' off light!"
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 15th May, 2004

:O Actually, this game is pretty fun! :) Very addictive too... I like your graphics style. Good job! :)
Posted by Benny 16th May, 2004

Posted by Muggus 16th May, 2004

This game is mad fun!!! If only I had someone else to play with. You should add some sound effects though! That's probably the only missing.
Posted by Galaxy613 16th May, 2004

yeah, forgot to say that, needs sound effects like when the morphs morph XD
Posted by Muggus 17th May, 2004

Love those morph things. Although I reckon it'd be cool if you could have it like single player or Co-op against morphs. That'd rock.
Posted by Tomssuli 17th May, 2004

I'm sorry about the description, I was so anxious to get it available to as many people as possible... I'm working a single player mode at the moment =)
Posted by Tomssuli 17th May, 2004

I' mean I had such a rush to get my game here, I didn't have time to make more complex descriptions... And I don't have internet on my home computer, that's why it'll take some time before I may update anything... About the sound effects: I'll usually make them last in my games, cos they take the most hard disk space and so make the game uncomfortably big to transfer.
Posted by Kåre Kølle Johansen 17th May, 2004

Downloading ...NOT :D
Posted by Galaxy613 17th May, 2004

whats your problem Johansen? Why not try it? You don't have any friends out side of the computer?
Posted by vortex2 18th May, 2004

cool game :) Any chance of giving us the level editor? ^_^.
Posted by Tomssuli 18th September, 2005

Okay, at last I had time to get everything working again :)





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