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Raideo - Final Release
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 8th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 146

Edited By Simon Colmer on 3/1/2005

Raideo is a Media player bassed on things that people want from a media player!
This is the Final Release of Raideo. This one has more options then any-other version. I have fixed many errors and added a few things like reading the ID Tags on MP3 files! This i the main list of features on Raideo:

-Raideo lets you watch and listen to media easily with no hasle of having to download updates
-You can create playlists and listen to them with ease and having no restrictions on limit of the amount of MP3's in the playlists
-Drag media from windows explorer onto the window and Raideo will play it!
-Drag media on links that run Raideo and again Raideo will play it!
-Volume control gives you full control of sound on your computer
-Smooth GFX lets you enjoy Raideo even more!
-Minimise Raideo into the Tray so it doesnt take up as much space on the desktop!
-Raideo now reads ID3 tags off MP3 files (Name of track and Artist)

Hope you like it!

Programmer: Simon Colmer (
GFX: Matt Janes (

Thanks again!

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Posted by Jack Galilee 10th May, 2004

can we resize the viewer yett! i know its the final release but maybe you could add these things + Resizable window + Visulaiations Clean off the buttons a bit so they have no square around them + noises on button press + Detachable Play window! ++ IF POSIBLE Window docking
Posted by Simon Colmer 10th May, 2004

Oh, i may add it later on, but im a bit pissed atm, as it isnt on the front page
Posted by The Chris Street 10th May, 2004

You shouldn't just expect front page coverage :P
Posted by Simon Colmer 11th May, 2004

i know, just some1 sed they would on the last beta!
Posted by Kris 11th May, 2004

That was probably back when Rikus was on his mad news posting spree
Posted by Kris 11th May, 2004

I give it thumbs up, but there are still a few things that need changing
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 12th May, 2004

Hmm... I tried to run Raideo, but when starting, Runtime makes illegal error and it doesn't work. What should i do?
Posted by Jack Galilee 13th May, 2004

have a cry
Posted by Simon Colmer 31st May, 2004

oh, thats strange, i havnt had anyone find a error like that. Does it happen everytime?
Posted by Jonathan Moore 7th March, 2009
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not bad. =D





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