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Chatta Box 1.0
Author: Simon Colmer Submitted: 5th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 217

Edited By Simon Colmer (X-Volt Studios) on 7/9/2003

Chatta Box 1.0
Well, i bet you are wondering what Chatta Box is!
Chatta Box runs on a moo server (moo1/moo2 only) and what it does it sets up a bot on the server and channel you want and what it does any text it recieves that it reconises then it will send a reply. It runs on a dictionary file which you can edit to make sure you choose what is said. Also we have added some extra's into it

Dictionary Editor;
Skin Editor;
Auto Response;
Coordinate Disurber;

We are soon going to be starting this on mooapi, moogame and mooclick

So Please try it!
Simon Colmer

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Posted by -Messiah- 6th July, 2003

Moo? what is that?
Posted by Smeggy 6th July, 2003

LOL, Moo is a wonderfull extension that gives the user many options to interact with various online capabilities!
Posted by Simon Colmer 7th July, 2003

yeah, and why has nobody downloaded it?
Posted by Rott bott 12th July, 2003

What a good looking skin *NOT*
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 13th July, 2003

Hey dude! I think you need to use a string parser! When you combine the words the stupid bot doesn't say anything! It freaked me out! I say some super evil shit and he still had nothing to say to me! could you uuse string parser? Split the words then! It'll be one of the most coolest program ever, you got a good idea! I made one using flash, Its cool, and easy, but didn't came out the way I expected, Its like I had to type the words for others...oh well, you got a good app there, good job!
Posted by Justin 11th October, 2003

Hey, Philip Linde, I bet YOU can make a better game, *NOT!*
Posted by Simon Colmer 25th November, 2003

yeah, its an old app!





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