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Author: Darson Submitted: 6th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 64


..use the mouse for in-game actions, bet your CASH and play your GAME!
Press Esc or Alt+F4 to quit the game.. that's all!

Graphic and Code is Copyright Dualpix Software 2004/2005


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Posted by Rhys D 7th May, 2004

No one cares if you found the download first.
Posted by Darson 7th May, 2004

Huh.. what do you do?
Posted by Darson 7th May, 2004

O_O!! I don't understand you.. sorry.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 7th May, 2004

Nice game, good GFX for the cursor, and I a nice idea for a game, but I think having a company called "Dual Dix" Isn't such a good idea.
Posted by vortex2 7th May, 2004

it is DualPix lol.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 8th May, 2004

Looks like dualdix at startup.
Posted by Darson 8th May, 2004

Hum.. thanks! You're funny??
Posted by Joe.H 8th May, 2004

press ctrl and you get money
Posted by ChrisB 8th May, 2004

This leaves me confused. I wish I knew how to play it, then I could make a review and make a pun or two. ("this game is(n't) an Empile of crap")
Posted by vortex2 8th May, 2004

you got to click all of the box things at the top and bet on all of em and stuff then a start game box will popup or something and it will pick a random card then you get money based on what you guessed right or something :S.
Posted by vortex2 8th May, 2004

wow pressing control does mess things up a bit! if you keep hitting control before you bet on anything enough times it exits. if you bet on something and hit control the whole thing messes up XD. Nice!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th May, 2004

Someone ban Phizzy's sorry hide.
Posted by Muggus 9th May, 2004

Posted by Darson 9th May, 2004

Hehe.. they've found the secret to get out so much money eh? But, it has a bug, you can't win in this game why i've don't put the winning options.. my error sorry, in a short time i update it. Sorry again! Probably the "Ctrl" button is very simple to be founded.. and I have an idea for change it. Opinions??
Posted by Darson 11th May, 2004

mah :S
Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 17th May, 2004

You SHOULD be banned because you constantly start flame wars, tell people that there lying, (WTF, I am making Gamma 9800) plus you pretend to be drunk.





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