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SuperMario engine
Author: Darson Submitted: 14th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 432

Edited By Darson on 4/21/2004

SuperMario (simple) engine includes those features:

- Mario movement (Croutch down,Walking,Shooting,killing enemies and Pipe-teleport)

- Enemies (Two tipe of enemies and two mode for killing them..)

- Various objects (Pipes,Springs,Rotating platforms,coins..)

- Parallax scrolling (only MMF)

Hum.. and.. yeah! Energy counter, lives and various unimportant features.

The graphic's ripped from the original series and some are edited by me ....!!

Enjoy boys!

edit (4/20/2004):TGF & MMF versions are uploaded !!



Review This Download\dualpix\projects\ (860kb )

Posted by Dr. James MD 15th April, 2004

not bad :)
Posted by Darson 15th April, 2004

Arg! Phizzy!! I'm sorry :-( Wont you a TGF version of this engine?
Posted by Metal Maiden 15th April, 2004

Wow, thats really good. Nearly identical to the SNES version. :D
Posted by Darson 15th April, 2004

Thanks, it's Free ;-). If you use this engine give me credits in your game is not required.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 15th April, 2004

Very impressive!
Posted by Darson 16th April, 2004

To short time, i release a update tath includes "parallax-scrolling", some new sounds, graphic and features.. Stay tuned!
Posted by Darson 17th April, 2004

thanks :-)
Posted by zago 17th April, 2004

we :D very good ;)
Posted by Darson 18th April, 2004

We Zago XD!
Posted by Darson 19th April, 2004

Ok Phizzy, stay tuned ;)
Posted by Darson 19th April, 2004

New MMF version.. http:\\\dualpix\projects\ copy and paste..
Posted by Linkman 20th April, 2004

Very nice, although the falling is a bit off. Not to mention the parallaxing backgrounds go a bit slow. Other than that it is great :-D.
Posted by Darson 20th April, 2004

Thanks mmffreak! Yeah the parallax go a bit slow, probably the game will run in a window to solve this problem. Try this viersion. TGF MMF Phizzy, it's time to download ;-).
Posted by Darson 21st April, 2004

Argh!It's Italian soory XD!I'm an italian boy. But.. if you will,I try to translate my engine for you :-)! ps: thanks for the comments, I probably loss the events thats restarting level when Mario die. and.. ->you can't jump on the block in middle of the circular platforms.<- o.O? Are you sure? I've changed some events and probably this causes the bug!DAMN!!
Posted by Simon Colmer 22nd April, 2004

it is amazing, but like u sed i cant read the comments! Well done, i found a bug that i fell through a floor and died!
Posted by Darson 23rd April, 2004

Hey thanks!I've solve this bug today. This engine is always in update,stay tuned guys!
Posted by Darson 24th April, 2004

that's right!When I update the engine, I send you an email.
Posted by s0nicfreak 22nd May, 2004

When I try to download it I only get "The page cannot be displayed" T.T
Posted by Nickstudios 15th June, 2004

same here
Posted by FrankenKyle 15th June, 2004

and here
Posted by Overlord 21st June, 2004

Download's broken...
Posted by Geo the black mage 1st July, 2004

Posted by DSH:FGFV 4th July, 2004

same here >=(
Posted by FrankenKyle 18th July, 2004

It's still broke. . . Visit the Mario Fans Games Galaxy site at ! I'm not sure sure if they have an engine, but they have great sprites and every sound effect, straight from the game. They also have MIDIs. has other MIDIs from video games.
Posted by FrankenKyle 7th November, 2004

your engine is 4 buttheads does have engines
Posted by Lupo 7th November, 2004

Hey guys!Darson give me the source of this engine why he've disabled he's internet connection, and now I'm working on it. Please stay tuned. Now my site is here and in a short time i'll re-upload this for you.
Posted by Lupo 18th November, 2004

Guys.. Now you can use it ;)
Posted by Lupo 18th November, 2004

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