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Where is Kurt's Combie?
Author: joelr_2000 Submitted: 31st March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 76

Edited By joelr_2000 on 3/31/2004

Where is kurts combie? Can you find it before you go bananas? Another stupid Old-school game inspired by a simple sound wave recorded for an episode in one of our game series "Planet of the Apes".

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Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 1st April, 2004

Kurt... Cobain?
Posted by vortex2 1st April, 2004

argh this game is so bad I dont know where to start! the shooting, platform engine, boss scenes, gameplay, and graphics are all horrible. the shooting like in most click games is like shoot in the direction of player so that means if you jump it shoots up or like upper right. it should stay left or right when you jump , and only go upward if you push the up or down arrow key, otherwise it makes it hard to kill some things. The platform engine seems like the default platform movement. with the weirdly shaped monkey he sometimes doesnt quite make a jump on a platform. make a CUSTOM movement and your gameplay will atleast not be ruined. The boss scenes , some were too hard, they werent very creative, just shoot at the big thing shooting stuff at you untill he or you are dead..... if that is your idea of a boss scene, you are better off without them. The game play was also bad, it was just jump on platforms ( that werent spaced very well) and kill the flying things, kill the bosses..... you need more variety, more elements like springs, or fans, or something for a platform game! mabey exploding barrels, I dunno but something! The graphics, well they seem to be from your (or RudeHead's ) last games, the only "new" graphics I see are the gradients! you didnt even put any detail AT ALL into the platforms, they are just quick backdrops it seems and solid colors. it makes your levels and games VERY boring to look at. Please don't make or release any more "Old-school" styled games, becuase to you it seems to mean pile of crap.
Posted by Cazra 1st April, 2004

This game is so dumb. -it has bad shooting -it's very easy and lacks variety -it needs a custom movement.
Posted by Rude_Head 1st April, 2004

Welcome to the planet of the apes
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 1st April, 2004

Welcome to the place where they don't ban retards using KnP libs for EVERYTHING, from avatars to website backgrounds... Tho I'd prolly donate 1$ for every retard that is IP-banned..
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd April, 2004

Errrrg! I've had enough of this!!! Stop 'going bannanas!' I like monkies, but not like this! The shooting really gets on my nerves! The bosses aren't made very well, its easy, the levels look like there just a copy of the previous one, only with slight ajustments, and the defalt movement is annyoing. NO RIPPED GRAPHICS!!! :P :P :P!!!!!!!!!! Please, stop with the ape theme and do something else!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd April, 2004

Submitting a million cruddy games will stop people from downloading them. This was submitted on March 31st, and only 6 people have downloaded it. See? Here's what you need to do: 1) Get either Gfactory or MMF 2) Make or get a cutsum engine (There are a lot out there!) 3) Make new, better graphics (and don't use ripped ones!) 4) Make the levels fun, not frusterating! ;)
Posted by joelr_2000 2nd April, 2004

its there for the humour and fun, its not supoose to be an award winning masterpiece. yuck
Posted by Muggus 3rd April, 2004 was 10 years ago to the day Kurt Cobain died.
Posted by Dr. James MD 3rd April, 2004

i wont flame you Joelr_2000. ive done projects like this in the past with my mates so i can see where your comin from. but please make it a little more fun!
Posted by Ashman 3rd April, 2004

WOW THIS GAME IS WICKED! Leave it alone guys, it's soooo fun. OMG it's wicked kewl!!!! I only wish it wasn't free so I could pay the creator so he could get the payment he deserves for all his obvious hard work.
Posted by Buster 3rd April, 2004

Nice well thought out story, I liked it :)
Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 3rd April, 2004

go home roger
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 5th April, 2004

Posted by Echisketch(PS) 6th April, 2004

Go fuct a log Faggo! not kidding.
Posted by X_Sheep 7th April, 2004

"Tho I'd prolly donate 1$ for every retard that is IP-banned" You'd be broke by now XD





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