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S&K in Ghetto Island
Author: joelr_2000 Submitted: 16th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 91

Edited By joelr_2000 on 3/31/2004

Sonic and Knuckles like you've never seen them before, fighting their way through the run down streets of "Ghetto Island". Drive by's, colt 45s and gangstars are just to name a few of the added elements in this different sonic clone, made in Games Factory.

Same idea as all other sonic games, to kill an enemy you need to be spinning, if not youl lose your rings, you can recover them, if you get hit when you have no rings you lose a life, etc etc.
As well as this, knuckles also has a gun. By click with the left mouse button, knuckles gets out the gun and a target will appear and knuckles will aim for it. While he has his gun out, control is disabled but you can control the target with the mouse. To shoot the gun, click the left mouse button, and right click to put it away and restore control.

Warning: Contains Mature Language

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Posted by 16th March, 2004

Wow.... No comments have been posted for this download.
Posted by danjo 17th March, 2004

lol, you wrecked perfectly good ripped sprites.
Posted by steve 17th March, 2004

were the other comments removed!?
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th March, 2004

what the hell happened? meh its still not a good game no matter what people do with the comments
Posted by joelr_2000 17th March, 2004

the game got kicked off because of all the abusive language, and i re-submitted this morning. danjo, how? jay white, why?
Posted by AndyUK 17th March, 2004

if it got taken off why did you resubmit it? can't you take a hint?
Posted by Harvy 17th March, 2004

No kidding. If DC administration removes a game for abusive language or other content, I think you should not resubmit it unless you have sanitized it in a serious way.
Posted by Dr. James MD 17th March, 2004

its taking something with history and style and completely turning it on its head. can work sometimes, but IMO it didnt work this time.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th March, 2004

The original game was removed due to insults posted on the comments section. I think. Hey, it wasnt me this time ;)
Posted by Pete Nattress 17th March, 2004

yes i removed the last one because of racist language in the comments, so if you have anything to say about this game please don't resort to swearing or racism to do so.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 17th March, 2004

please: no installers
Posted by Silveraura 17th March, 2004

Downloading! Might give a review if it's good.
Posted by joelr_2000 17th March, 2004

jay white, i gave it a different style and idea, thought ill be a good idea at ther time. No one swear or nuthin, this is the the third time ive had to resubmit it.
Posted by Justin 17th March, 2004

Oh god. This game is back. Nobody wants to play this shit you stupid nigger wannabe.
Posted by joelr_2000 18th March, 2004

oy justin y u such a suss c*nt. It's better idea then owning a crap lid factory. provide constructive critism and stop trying to get the game kicked off the site. and why do you have a sick diseased kid from 'make a wish' foundation as your avator. thats soo suss, My friend has a cousin whos heaps sick like that. I hope you 'make a wish' for no karma later on in life biatch.
Posted by Jigen 18th March, 2004

CAN´T YOU PEOPLE LEARN ANYTHING?!?!!?!? Put those pictures in somewhere else than in géocities. Geocities doesn´t let you do direct linking and that is fucking annoying.
Posted by blanco 18th March, 2004

cool concept. that's about it.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th March, 2004

For crying out loud, dont you guys learn?! If you reactly badly again Joel with abuse, I'm gonna have you banned. And Justin, any more racist comments, and YOU are gonna be gone as well. Jesus Christ, both of you stop acting like morons.
Posted by joelr_2000 18th March, 2004

sorry circs. i reckon u should ban justin, he purposely sed all thats stuff, like swearing and racism, just to try get this game kicked off, for a 3rd time. At least i was a my right mind, defending myself. Hes craazy. sorry Jigen, doesnt work wif 0catch either, do any of u's know of any good web hosts?
Posted by 19th March, 2004

YUCK!!!!!! Who would ever make a game called "lid Factory" thats the worst thing i think a game could be. Matrix Mario...... ahh you 12 ?
Posted by 19th March, 2004

Bluntz... Gunz... Drugz... Cars... And Knuckles, What more could you ask for in a game ??? you's review this like its his job or something and his supposed to make a pro game with pro graphics, pro sounds, pro programming, this game is made out of boredom and just for fun and you GEEKS actually have a job rating it and making games... "Jesus Christ, stop acting like morons."
Posted by Dr. James MD 19th March, 2004

"Bluntz... Gunz... Drugz... Cars..." my powers of intuition are telling me you are fan of the [brainless] GTA series? XD
Posted by 19th March, 2004

.... yep
Posted by Justin 19th March, 2004

Why does everyone keep calling it Lid Factory. It's called Lid Co. Simulation, and did you even bother looking to see what it actually is?
Posted by joelr_2000 19th March, 2004

yeh, downloaded it and played it, its crap no offense if you were proud of it. 'Jex demo' isnt bad lookin but, havent played it yet.
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th March, 2004

nothing right with it either
Posted by joelr_2000 31st March, 2004

jay white you make me sick
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 3rd April, 2004

joelr_2000, ur stupidity and thinking noone will recognize you when you add a _2000 to your name makes me wanna vomit, and what better place then to do it on your girlfriend, rude_face's front steps.
Posted by joelr_2000 22nd December, 2004

man, girlfriend iz the only thing u neva gonnna get, ull get ur best games made, ur uni college degrees, ur diplomas, ur awards and shit, ur rich ass house, but yo nevaguna get a girl, especially a gurl not wanting u fo u, not just fo ur fukin money nd small richass geeky dick, nd if u think this differently, im wearin a boot that lives in ur arse, nd it gettin home sick. Nice glasses. And for all u punk cunts that reckon im a wigger and shit shld shutup and go listen to simple plan coz i aint no wigga, or nigga, im some whiteboy that enjoys black hip hop rap music, and its ghetto culture, and if yo gotta problem wif this shit then u better wb bak tell me wot u really think, and wtf u wana do about it. Pieces of sh*t, u's just nerds 2 me. Increase the peace bitch
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 11th March, 2006
Posted by joelr_2000 13th March, 2006
Posted by The Track Master 7th October, 2006





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