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Springer The Second Step Demo
Author: c.j Submitted: 20th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 47

Edited By c.j on 11/21/2003

Edited By c.j on 11/20/2003

Edited By c.j on 11/20/2003

Springer The Second Step Demo

Springer now is in the dinosaur time still with his caveman friend's he try's to find his adopted dad's uncle.


1: reach the end of the level

2: Get all the apple's

This demo isnt very long but give's you an idea of what the full game will be like.

Please download the first part of the springer serie's {Springer the begining}


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Posted by Monkey Soft 21st November, 2003

Nice gfx... but PLEASE put the .exe + .gam in the zip file, don't make me install this game...
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 21st November, 2003

A game that shows the author's great wish to make a professional game, but without great success. I'll mention the things that made an impression on me: 1. No anims!!! The guy is static! 2. Strange stuff - a guy with a text above him. Text overlaps the main character... Is he speaking? Then make a intro... 3. Where have you seen hints which are a part of the level? The text that explains what is lives must not be in the place it is - better to make an Info sign near the first life you meet. 4. Apples disappear not like in all other games. It's rather uncommon - but it's not bad. 5. Enemies - when I first saw your only enemy, I nearly cried: "Holy F#ck - that's a bee!!!" BTW - it looks kinda pornographic =) 6. You don't keep traditions - why can I jump on lumbers at bridge ends only on level 2?? 7. Collecting lives does nothing. Although I have enumerated many bad points, the game in general is good - you just need more practice, and a little bit of the thing that's called 'effort'.
Posted by Killerjedi 23rd November, 2003

Hmm... This is certainly the best Springer game yet. The Springer games are getting better... Keep at it, CJ.
Posted by c.j 23rd November, 2003

Thank's killer jedi





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