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Springer the wrath of scratch part 1
Author: c.j Submitted: 14th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 52

Edited By c.j on 11/19/2003

Here it is the part 1 of springer the wrath of scratch enjoy

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Posted by Faithtoken 15th October, 2003

ARG!!! more info!!!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 15th October, 2003

And screenies
Posted by Dark One 15th October, 2003

This is no different from the demo...why did you post it?
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 15th October, 2003

You´re pretty good at making games for being 13 years old :)
Posted by ChrisB 15th October, 2003

Jonas: Graphics, maybe, but I could make better things at 13 IMHO. This isn't really fun to play, it could do with a custom platform movement...
Posted by MattB 19th October, 2003

dude, the site just went down... bummer, man.
Posted by Killerjedi 20th October, 2003

Jonas: I take serious offense at that comment. I'm fourteen, and though I haven't released anything to the public, at least the games I work on don't make people cry. No offense CJ, you just need some practice. We all made games that seemed great to us at the time. Let me recommend something for you: When you can honestly compare your games to things such as FAIND's amazing creations, THAT'S when you should think about releasing something. Not that I'M quite at that point (thanks to my crap GFX skills, XD)... that's why I haven't released anything yet. But all you're doing is giving yourself a bad name, and when you really make something cool, nobody will want to see it, because in their minds you're "that guy with the piece of crap Springer games", and they'll keep away. Trust me on this. I don't mean to shatter your "cloud nine", because I know I'VE made stuff that's crappier than this in the past... but sometimes, after three releases that make kittens want to commit suicide, somebody needs to tell a poor noob who's killing his reputation when to go into hiding and practice his skills for a while (read: three or four years), like I did... and... still am... I guess... heh. I'm probably not one to talk. Good luck in the future, man, there's always potential for a noob, so don't get too down from my criticism (read: crushing, hurtful comments...). Again, good luck.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th November, 2003

Ummm...this is okay...Graphics DO need work, but there okay...and I agree with FireMonkey on the whole custom movment thing. But this game is pretty good. :) Oh, and I'm I need to have 3 games to be a normal member, because I have been here for five months or so more then him...? :(





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