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Tunnel Race Engine
Author: Lupo Submitted: 5th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 333

It is a simple "tunnel" race engine that needs some other events but more art...

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Posted by Astral_86 5th November, 2003

Cool, gonna check this out now :)
Posted by renneF 5th November, 2003

its ok..
Posted by Killerjedi 5th November, 2003

Meh. Not too bad... it would be really cool if the action was more fast-paced, and the entire tunnel was walkable ground, I.E. you could walk on the ceiling or walls...
Posted by Lupo 5th November, 2003

WOW!!it would be beautiful. But in this are played alone bottom of Tunnel!! I'm sorry for mistaken English.. :lol:
Posted by Danny Boy 6th November, 2003

Need an extension, can you post a link?
Posted by Lupo 6th November, 2003

which extension? O____o
Posted by eX Com 6th November, 2003

Posted by Lupo 6th November, 2003

Oh yeah!!
Posted by Pkeod 6th November, 2003

An easy way to do this.. if i can remember is to have a center dot and have your charactor always look at the dot... then have a counter that when you press left and right it adds and subtracts from it (with the event =0 set n, =n set 0 (n is how many places)) then just add the placement events, when at 6 set at x,y when at 30 set at x,y (set around in a circle thing.
Posted by CYS 7th November, 2003

Very beautiful.
Posted by renneF 7th November, 2003

pkeod, could you explain that a bit more clearly?
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 7th November, 2003

Posted by Teapot 7th November, 2003

I have done this stuff before, now it looks as if aum1 betta than me will get all the creadit, damn.
Posted by DarkBlue Productions 8th November, 2003

Posted by Teapot 8th November, 2003

gfwnd.gox please
Posted by Henry Dechabert 11th December, 2003

The "" isn't working.
Posted by Darson 24th April, 2004

It's down :S
Posted by FrankenKyle 19th September, 2004

Posted by Lupo 13th February, 2005

It's not down! Try to download!!
Posted by en kerro 28th February, 2005

It's down. But I know how to open it: Copy one of the GOX files and rename it to FRRESO.GOX. Then remove every events that contains that FRRESO thing. (it looks like that GOX you copied, example if you copy DRAWLINE.GOX, FRRESO looks like the DRAWLINE.) FRRESO is not important for the engine, it just changes the games's resolution. (that's that RESO.) I hope I helped someone.





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