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Click cheater V101
Author: Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] Submitted: 20th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 103

In this program there are listed cheats, codes, hints and walkthroughs of click games. I've started this project in early may of 2002. In this version there are listed 1 cheat and 4 codes. Please contact me, if you know a cheat, code, hint, or walkthough for a click game, so I can add it to the app.

You can reach me at

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Posted by Canaryman 20th May, 2002

sounds crap
Posted by The Chris Street 20th May, 2002

Uhm...what is the point of this? Why not just go online and find the codes / cheats yourself?
Posted by Marc Georgeson 20th May, 2002

What games are they for?
Posted by 20th May, 2002

Yes,this program is pointless and useless...Try making a game instead of this.
Posted by pixelscope 20th May, 2002

Sounds cool. But 1 cheat and 4 codes (!), come on! "What's the point?!"
Posted by t0nad0 20th May, 2002

okay, i didn't actually download it, but im guessing that you'd have to download again and again to get cheats... why not just make it connect to a server, download a list of cheats, and then import that into the prog... that way, it makes it a bit more useful :) (ignore this if you have it set up like that)
Posted by NapalmDoom 20th May, 2002

Actually, this is a pretty good idea. Look: Game makers put cheats in their games, then give the cheats to this 'eggy' character. Then, in Eggy's program, he can have banners and advertisements to games and sites. See? The cheater turns to Eggy, and the producer wins.
Posted by NapalmDoom 20th May, 2002

However, in effect. Anything you'd do to this, Eggy, would bring you back to DC, or any similar click site.
Posted by HiredGun 20th May, 2002

Posted by Canaryman 21st May, 2002

can't you just ASK for cheats, if there are any, i mean, i'm sure the creator would be more than helpful considering they KNOW what the cheats are.
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 21st May, 2002

hmmm... i could'nt find cheats, codes, hints or walkthroughs for click games, so I started working at this application. It's just a test. Maybe it's better to develop a new click site with only cheats, codes, hints and walkthroughs for click games... However I've received already 4 cheats/codes for click games in my hotmail today, so there is surely some interest...
Posted by HiredGun 21st May, 2002

And "Eggy" will be all "Give me your cheats" and we'll be all "I like the cheat etc etc"
Posted by Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] 21st May, 2002

plz visit my new site: Click Cheater No more Click Cheater downloads, I'll upload the cheats to the website.
Posted by Joshtek 21st May, 2002

Eggy, u Eggy as in E.E.G.G. Eggy ? Look at the source of Out of The Pit and find one ;-)
Posted by DBack 21st May, 2002

you've got to have some way of people submitting cheats such as email maybe possibly
Posted by 21st May, 2002

ppl these cheats are for KLIK games duh
Posted by Canaryman 23rd May, 2002

adil... why the DUH?
Posted by Stian B. 23rd May, 2002

A website with cheats to klikgames,sounds cool ! ;)
Posted by RapidFlash 23rd May, 2002

Oh, here's some klik codes: Out of the Pit At the password, put these passwords in: bigball: The Last stage. Face Big Ball. rambob: Rambob!  The Second Stage.   Press vr at the title screen for a ton of lives.  I finally beat the game like this.  The credits aren't useful.   You can skip them. Gap Sk8er 2 [all of these I got from 300 Windows Arcade games ] Cheats: Put this in the cheat-box in Gap Sk8er 2: sloth: slow-mode [a very, very, useful cheat] andretti: no-jumps [a very, very, dumb cheat] Big Head [or Bighead]: skater is bigger [dumb] He-man: gain health on next trick or slam [in other words, gain more health]. night rydah: Play with a night background [you can make it different, though, if you change the picture of the background...] normal: Makes everything normal! Tip #1: You must do this with "sloth".  Before you move forward, do a bunch of tricks and land them.   Now, you'll notice your skater is flying.  Now push the right arrow key all the time he's flying, and when near the edge of the building, do a trick.  He should land on the windows, and that trick will count. Trikcs never done: Want to be in the Records? Edit sk99.ini.  Change one of the values, and add trikcs like bennihanas and kickflips [or really show you did it and do 540 flips & Nosegrinds]. Fireguy Wall-jump: To do the wall-jump, you need Fireguy to jump to a wall.  Now, you'll notice he can jump on the wall if he's looking at you and you're not pressing him towards the wall [or away from it].  Now press Shift, and maybe go the other way if you're trying to do something else.   You'll jump off. The Boss & the End: To beat the boss, all you need to do is shoot him to ashes.  When he looks burnt up, keep shooting at him until he's ashes.  Then go to the exit.  Avoid the shooter-guy & that flying thing.  Once you beat the boss, it shows some short credits.  And afterward, you can enter a Super Mario bonus stage [here's a hint: shoot from the tube bottom-wise.  And if you get stuck on the right side, use the walljump.]. Warp to ares:Press the key "p" at the title screen to skip to the credits, & "2" at the title screen to play the Mario Bonus Game. Goalies Gamee [another Klik n' Play game]   Go to the password screen and press these keys at the same time: sbm -     Bonus Level 1 27-    Another bonus Level fast-    Shows a CD.  If you press 1, plays a song. sk-    another bonus level Zack Bond [KNP game again...] Press G, U, & N at the tsame time to have all the weapons Hold U & P to have the jetpack. Press I, T, & S at the title screen to skip to the credits. For the last boss, the password is 'master' For the rest of the levels, try 'zak', 'zak2', 'azk3', 'zak4', & 'zak5'. Atom Boy [KNP] DOH- Level 22 FINALE- Last level PLANET- Level 12 Gunner 2 [another KNP] While playing, do nothing and press GUN at the same time.  You'll have all the weapons. Klik & Play games & Games Factory games   Such games as Fireguy are Klik & Play.  All those games can have manuevered wall jumps.  If the above for Fireguy walljumping doesn't work [or it's too hard], just jump to a wall, hold the direction where you are facing, release the forward key and press jump.  You should jump higher. Also, it's neat if you have Klik n' Play, you can then edit the games :-) [now let's have 5 missiles].  Also, you can see the passwords, too. Dang, that's a lot of cheats. Also check the Virtually Real FAQ for some.
Posted by RapidFlash 23rd May, 2002

Um... ignore the gap sk8er one.
Posted by RapidFlash 25th May, 2002

Here's some more: Death City At the title screen, type these in: GREED- Infinite ammo ENVY- Infinite health IGNORANCE- Walk through walls
Posted by 15th July, 2002

Dont listen to them its a CLICK Gameshark basicly. sounds cool. I was thinking bout adding some cheats to my click games





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