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C Battler
Author: Pixalatio Submitted: 26th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 68

Edited By Pixalatio on 7/27/2003

Only at the beggining of this week did I start to learn C, and already i am churning out terrible text based games. I made this because when i coded in Qbasic i didnt know how to do graphics so i made games like this, i decided i was in the same situation with C so i coded it, decided it is rubbish but funny for a while.

The game is a simple text & turn based fighting game, you can attack with whatever moves you can think of (character limit of 30) and laugh at the stupid message it turns out. It contains 6 special moves that you have to type the exact code to do. If you want me to tell you them email me (alternatively i think you can find them by HEX editing it)

I only submitted it for a laugh so dont dis me for being crap. there are no screenies because it is text based

ok so i added one dont annoy me, (it has one of the specials on it )

Review This Download battler V2.exe (32kb )

Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 27th July, 2003

Not very cool, but funny
Posted by Shen 27th July, 2003

What has Mr Smof done to upset you :(:(:(
Posted by Dogzer 27th July, 2003

hello shen.. i have something to tell you shen: SHEN: shen: SHEN: shen: shen: SHEN:
Posted by The Chris Street 27th July, 2003

Dogzer, quit it. :P
Posted by Rott bott 27th July, 2003

Posted by thewreck 27th July, 2003

this is a very cool concept, could be developed very much though, this could accually turn into a very cool game one day.
Posted by V Dogg 27th July, 2003

This was a funny game! A friend of mine and I played and he won in 21 rounds! Funny stuff.
Posted by Cazra 27th July, 2003

Nice work of C programming. Try adding more stuff to it though. Good work
Posted by ChrisB 27th July, 2003

Ahh, randomness! I found it amazing that 'A Cow' did 14 damage by spraying her milk into the opponent's eyes.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 28th July, 2003

it is a useless thing to make these types of games .. if you want to make a text based game then make some TRIVIA games or QUIZ COMPETITIONS . e.t.c .. YOUR GAMES WILL BE A BIG HIT
Posted by Pixalatio 28th July, 2003

thewreck & heart break kid: read what i said at the top: I SUBMITTED IT FOR A LAUGH phillip linde: could you please tell me the bugs so i can try to fix them Shen: Gizmo did nothing it was just that he helped me ith some of the specials
Posted by TH333 28th July, 2003

Funny game! This could be the only game you'll ever find where if you kiss somebody it could do 13 damage!hahaha!
Posted by RPG Player 2003 3rd August, 2003

LOL! Some cool situations I found... DragoonKnight pokes HydraliskGrunt with a stick and does 14 damage. Slinger throws a stone at Armored Swordsman and does 13 damage. Hand Catapulteer stabs Slinger head with a short sword and does 5 damage. Troller deals a fatal axe blow in Flamer and does 5 damage (Flamer still has 3 points). IMHO, People should submit more games for a laugh!
Posted by Evil Monkey 5th August, 2003

I think it's okay, but what you should do is have it search for certain keywords. So if you say "weak punch" it would only give 4 damage.





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