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Author: Pixalatio Submitted: 16th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 88

Imagine an un-named city, put skyscrapers of random heights in it, make it windy, let it be invaded by Gorrilaz that are 5 storeys high. They start to fightwith each other by throwing giant bananas at each other. This is the strange insanty that is Gorrilaz. There is a one player, and of course a 2 player mode.

Controls (sorry but no readme):

enter a number in the first edit box for the direction from 0 - 31 for the direction, 0 is to the left, 8 is up etc.
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enter a number in the second box for the velocity form 1 -100, the wind will effect the movement, the bananas will bounce off the sides of the window and the top of the window.

This is quite an old game and the second game is on its way, for more information visit



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Posted by Exero 16th March, 2003

And I thought it had something to do with the band.
Posted by The New SnS 16th March, 2003

I think that this game was based off of some old game done in the BASIC prgramming language by Microsoft(R). I have it somewhere on my ANCIENT computer in my room... The description matches it perfectly.
Posted by Pixalatio 17th March, 2003

I have to say that no, the band had nothing to do with it and yes, i ripped off an old M$ game made as a demo in QBasic, Still, I find this version to be much better, srry for not including screenies.
Posted by Weston L 17th March, 2003

fun game
Posted by Yuhkaz 21st March, 2003

Posted by Pixalatio 17th April, 2003

New download location: - 654kb Pix





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