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Desmodia Demo (Windows XP Version)
Author: Teh Keelor Submitted: 15th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 81

Desmodia is a virticle scroller simular to Aero Fighters or Raptor. The full game will have a system which allows you to replay missions you have passed, so that you may finish a list of optional objectives and bonusues (simular to Star Wars Starfighter.)

Please give me lots of feedback on this game. It still has one or two bugs left (Sometimes the boss' health meter won't fully deplete even though he is quite dead. The result is that you cant finish the mission.). Try to play the game through once just trying to survive, once trying to blow up EVERYTHING, and once trying to complete the optional objectives.

The originol (and better) version of the game uses the Pallette object, and could not be used with Windows XP. This version was created for those of you who use that OS. My friend who tested it said his computer froze whenever he reached the boss, but I have yet to conferm if that bug happens to everyone.

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Posted by CYS 16th July, 2003

Looks great!
Posted by Kris 16th July, 2003

Looks very nice; getting
Posted by Kris 16th July, 2003

Ok, a couple of things: 1. The text at the beginning goes off the bottom of the screen. 2. The 'sonic bubble' sound on the menu = :( 3. Either the action happens to fast or the ship shoots too slowly, but its practically impossible to destroy everything on the screen fast enough (especially those barricades that destroy the trucks) 4. It's installed as "noname" other than that, nice job
Posted by Kirby Smith 16th July, 2003

Definitly speed up the shots. Otherwise, it's a lot of fun, and the graphics are top notch. If you can pull it off, it would be really cool if you added parallex scrolling, but either way, it's still a game with the potential to be excellent.
Posted by Teh Keelor 16th July, 2003

Thanks for the comments! Kris: 1. Do you mean the junk that explains the controlls? The last line should be "DESTROY EVERYTHING BONUS [ ] NUM 0 continues..." I dunno how I would go about fixing it for other peoples screens. The only way I can see this happening is if your screen resolution is smaller than 800x600....which it shouldent be.... 2.Sad because it dosent fit or sad because its ripped? Im real sorry I dont have professional sound equipment and cant create stuff from scratch like Masaru Setsumaru, but I try to do the next best thing and use sounds that I think fit. 3.Destroying everything is supposed to be hard. I can pull it off, but im the games creator, so I guess id better tweak that stuff. Ill speed up the fireing a bit and take a few things out. 4.My bad. Ill have to wear a string around my finger to remember that for the true release :-P Kirby: I was hoping to eventually add Parallex scrolling (I WANT CNC2!!!!!!! *sniff*). Ill look through articles on this website to figure out a better way than what I do. Once again thanks for the comments, good or bad. Can you guys give me some feedback on the boss? Is it too hard? Have you found any bugs?
Posted by Teh Keelor 16th July, 2003

Oh one more thing, I dident put any messeges in the game to actually TELL YOU youve done soemthing like destroy everything. Mabey you are in fact killing everything that moves, but theres nothing saying you have, so you dont think you did?
Posted by Kris 16th July, 2003

The bubble sound just doesn't seem to fit, to be honest. You need more of a "ding!" sort of noise. Oh, forget what i said about the text- it is in fact all visible
Posted by Teh Keelor 16th July, 2003

Okay. Bubble sound will now be replaced.
Posted by Eric P 16th July, 2003

I keep saying I'm going to post comments and never get around to it, so here's my first post. The graphics are very well done. The thing I like about "click" games is they tend to prove again and again that the graphics have nothing to do with the tool. Unfortunately, I found the game too hard to play with the current control scheme. If nothing else, change the fire button to be the control key or something of that nature. Also, dying after one hit (or at least that was the impression I got) and then having the demo terminate was pretty cheesy. There's definitely a lot of potential, though. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Chace 17th July, 2003

Looks awesome! Ah, Aero Fighters... *falls into a deep trance-like state reliving memories of the old- (arcade) days* ... erm... where was I? Oh, yeah, downloading...
Posted by Teh Keelor 17th July, 2003

Eric: Ctrl would be easier? Youd have to use your pinkie or move your hand across the entire keyboard! I use the keypad with my emulators and its not that difficult. You dont Die in one hit unless you crash into another aircraft. I took some enemies out and sped up the ROF of the plasma guns. I really enjoy playing these games, and consider myself fairly good at them. Its kind of hard to judge what is diffucult for some and easy for others...This is a trend I see all to often with click games. Too many of them are too difficult. I looked at games like Aero fighters to judge how much junk they put into their levels, and I tried to do the same.
Posted by Eric P 19th July, 2003

It's not about proximity of the keys, it's about coordination and flexability, of which I have none! I am a two-handed player, so one hand will be controlling the craft and the other firing. It's just the way I do things. Keep in mind, too, that I am not very good at these kind of games. I love Aero Fighters (one of my favorites of the genre), but I'm awful at it.
Posted by Teh Keelor 22nd July, 2003

I play the game using one hand for fireing and one hand for movement, too. I intended for the arrow keys to be controlled with the left hand and the keypad to be controlled with the right.





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