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Desmodia Demo
Author: Teh Keelor Submitted: 15th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 82

Desmodia is a virticle scroller simular to Aero Fighters or Raptor. The full game will have a system which allows you to replay missions you have passed, so that you may finish a list of optional objectives and bonusues (simular to Star Wars Starfighter.)

Please give me lots of feedback on this game. It still has one or two bugs left (Sometimes the boss' health meter won't fully deplete even though he is quite dead. The result is that you cant finish the mission.). Try to play the game through once just trying to survive, once trying to blow up EVERYTHING, and once trying to complete the optional objectives.

Because the game features the Pallette object, I had to create a second version of the game to run on Windows XP. It should be submited shortly.

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Posted by Jenswa 16th July, 2003

looks nice, i am downing it right now!
Posted by Assault Andy 16th July, 2003

Looks nice, but if the game has known bugs you really shouldn't release it. I'll give u feedback in a sec. -Andy
Posted by Djfuego 16th July, 2003

Akk.. Bugs ain't the word. Ripped sounds/music might be. The game freezes on my Win2k machine after the aleart warning. >:( Come on man.. test this some more or get someone else to help test it for you. It looks well sweet as well. Bummer
Posted by -Messiah- 16th July, 2003

Looooooks coooL! :D
Posted by Lew 16th July, 2003

Ross-2k is the same sort of system as XP? So you'd be better off with XP version?
Posted by Jenswa 16th July, 2003

real nice, that desmodia, overwrited my CNCS32.DLL, now the games factory crashes when i want to edit a level. [yes: replacing the file with the old one, makes it undone, but what if i didn't knew that? i would panic]
Posted by Teh Keelor 16th July, 2003

Yeah, the musics ripped, but oh well. Sorry for your problem Jenswa, but I've never really released a stand alone aplication. Im used to just passing the .cca files onto my friends.
Posted by Jack Galilee 16th July, 2003

The Games fine play well and youve done a superb job i may review
Posted by colej_uk 17th July, 2003

Yay, I like Raptor, I will download this :)
Posted by Rott bott 18th July, 2003






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