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Alien Havoc
Author: Brianasu Submitted: 1st July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 203

Edited By Brianasu on 7/2/2003


!!! HIT K or J to switch from joystick to keyboard at start!!!

!!! Stored on a Yahoo Briefcase but NOT a free one a actually PAID briefcase so should be ok !!! Just click the link. Also inside are 4 SCREENSHOTS.

Alien Havoc
Complete Contra clone down to the shooting and jumping mechanics. Features tight controls lots of explosions and high quality graphics. Its Contra nothing more nothing less.
The Click version of this game is abandoned but I wanted to rerelease it. A new blitz basic version is in development.

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Posted by Assault Andy 3rd July, 2003

The screenies look cool. Tell you what i think in 10 mins.
Posted by ncsoftware 3rd July, 2003

Cool game, to bad it's abandoned, hopefully the blitz version will see daylight....
Posted by Assault Andy 3rd July, 2003

It's cool! I sense someone likes contra.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 3rd July, 2003

After playing games like Star Wars e.t.c .. this game looks like a JERKKKKKKKKKKKK:s
Posted by BeamSplashX 3rd July, 2003

I remember getting this a long time ago on my 200mhz computer. It was cool, but the enemies were too fast. I'll consider getting this again.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd July, 2003

this is brilliant! that wall got annoying because i didnt know if just shooting the red light was enough to destroy it, but i did eventually. what to do at the end of the 1st level?
Posted by Sami 3rd July, 2003

COOL graphics , COOL gameplay , GOOD AI and GOOD music . It's great I love it . BTW , it's a bit less then contra (in the contra games I've ever played you had more weapons to choose from and in one game you could switch between to modes of shooting , in one you could shoot but not move when shooting and in the other you could move and shoot . also , in one of the games you had 4 characters each with his own weapons )
Posted by Sami 3rd July, 2003

oh , and one more thing . If you don't press "k" at the start of the game you won't be able to move (so you must press "k" and most people will propobly not know that )
Posted by SimdroneX² 3rd July, 2003

Paul, comeon, this game is actually "GOOD", and this is the DAILY CLICK!!!!1 Talk about once in a blue moon. PS- kthx
Posted by Sami 3rd July, 2003

I apologize , there is a big variety of weapons in the game . You just need to catch them in that blue thingy flying above you .
Posted by FusionDogg 3rd July, 2003

decent gfx, but it isn't really anything special. Graphics kinda weird, and are the explosions ripped? Why do u have to press k? AI is hard, man, good job on that!
Posted by pr0 3rd July, 2003

its good
Posted by Brianasu 3rd July, 2003

JD (Heretic Emu Studios) are you having trouble downloading the file?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 3rd July, 2003

Ahhhh Contra how ive missed the violent tantrums you put me into Yeh pretty much the best game ive played recently and a very rare example of klik game that is almost as good as the original.
Posted by Blake 3rd July, 2003

This game is classic, old stuff, but still better than any crap i've seen here in forever. I almost forgot about the game ;_;
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 4th July, 2003

my thumb hurts...
Posted by Jack Galilee 4th July, 2003

Umm it needs new Weapons **COUGH!**
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 4th July, 2003

This is a very well made game, I did like this. Very few people make side scrolling games that run this well, my hat comes off t you.
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 4th July, 2003

To me this game played nothing like contra.This game wasnt so great to me , but it oculd have been better.Just needed more work.
Posted by Cazra 4th July, 2003

At one point of the 1st level, it won't scroll any further. Is that the end of the game?
Posted by Brianasu 4th July, 2003

Snerlin Its not the end of the level you have to either destroy the tower or the wall before u can move on. Also for the Blitz version I'm welcome to any suggestions. Sami I'll try to implemented the selective movement. And .ToTal I'll add a larger or more interesting set of weapons.
Posted by contra 5th July, 2003

Brian Su! your one of the reasons i ever got into clicking. please upload all your other old click games!
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 27th January, 2006

Error Message!

The briefcase you are looking at is in violation of its quota.
Please inform the owner
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 9th April, 2006

Neat. Just misses multiplayer.




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