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Shattered Mind(Level Test)
Author: Kosta + SevenT2 Submitted: 29th June, 2003 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 156

Edited By Kosta + SevenT2 on 6/30/2003

Shattered Mind (level test)

Shattered Mind is Game Kosta and SevenT2 are working on!

We haven't thought about it much, well here goes!
Basically it's about a guy, who gets his Mind "played" around with in a secret facility. Until One Day He breaks lose from his lab.
And the story kicks off.....
Well The Story is a work in progress.

*Good Enemy AI(thanks to SevenT2)
*Original Graphics
*Lots of Eye Candy
And Much Much More

I hope you enjoy this little taste of, Shattered Mind!

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Posted by -Messiah- 29th June, 2003

This game loooooks really cool!
Posted by Jenswa 29th June, 2003

No offense, but why is a level test (slightly the same for beta) on the front page?
Posted by Jason Orme 29th June, 2003

looks good, but plays terribly
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 29th June, 2003

Posted by Pete Nattress 29th June, 2003

i agree with jason... blood effects and flamethrower are cool, but AI needs sorting.
Posted by Maddie 29th June, 2003

ai looks like a path movement but all the effects are good
Posted by -_darkman_- 29th June, 2003

hey kosta and sevent2, why u not tell me u were working on this..? anyway i'm downloading it now.
Posted by 29th June, 2003

The AI is the only problem I see also sometimes the player jumps and doesn't end the action "jump".
Posted by Blackgaze 29th June, 2003

nice, a.i not the bets but nice. charater is a bit slow i find. keep it up!
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 29th June, 2003

Thanks Guys I thought Chris told you about it(Gamezap)
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 29th June, 2003

The Bad Guys Have Good AI. It's Just when you get the flame thrower they don't get a chance to Shoot Try Finishing the Level without the flame thrower
Posted by Muggus 30th June, 2003

I like it, although, as i've probably mention to you guys before, my computer has a heart attack when I use the flame's like bullet time :D Are there actually any sounds in the game apart from the techno in the background? And, why does the game when minimised say Brain Game?
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Brain Game is what me and Chris reffered to it as. Yes, It does have sounds!:P
Posted by CYS 30th June, 2003

Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Anyone want to give this game a review?:)
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th June, 2003

Thanks everyone for the comments good and bad let me answer a few of your questions: 1. This game got on the front page because it seems promising for a level-test. 2.There is no jumping animation as of yet. 3.JonWog, your idea is good, but we wanted full on action, its more far as i am concenered. 4.Jason Orme, ethier your jelous or you have a crap computer, or both. 5.The Yellow Dart, unfortunatly this game isn't going to run very well on older computers. I hope thats everything covered, glad you liked the game, and for those who didn't, i'd love to know why, so we can improve it. Cya.
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Nicely Done:P
Posted by Assault Andy 30th June, 2003

Yea, it has it's flaws. But overall its pretty cool.
Posted by Platinum Arts 30th June, 2003

:( I can't move , all I have is the mouse cursor What are the controls?
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th June, 2003

Platinum, the controls are the same as any klik game. Oh and Assault Andy, it has flaws because it is not done, this is just a level test, to see what people think.
Posted by Platinum Arts 30th June, 2003

:( I can't move , all I have is the mouse cursor What are the controls?
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Nicely Done:P
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Press Crtl U(while in the game) and Change the controls to what you prefer
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

We are inspired,look out for a full Demo Soon!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th June, 2003

Yep, lets get to work! There'll be a rocket launcher and grenades in the new version, MUAHAHAHAAH *cough* HAHAHAAH!
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

I'll get to work tommorow it's 8.30 here, thats close to my bed time:(
Posted by Platinum Arts 30th June, 2003

its ok my wheel was plugged in About the game... Definately need animations for jumping etc.. AI movement - like how they can shoot each other blood effects and lighting is good Game play is repeative , maybe add explosions as things collape The music is cool it works for that type of game More background animations would be nice . Could be a winner!
Posted by DarkFish 30th June, 2003

Pretty good, I liked it. There was a little too much blood coming from those people, but it looked cool so who cares?
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

Platinum Arts They do shoot you
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 30th June, 2003

Thanks Platinum, glad you liked it, Alan, whats so bad about a ...little blood :P
Posted by KlikFactory 30th June, 2003

lol I liked it. :) I like the music. It totally fits the game. Needs different kinds of enemies though. Right now it's just killing those same guys over and over with little strategy. That can get boring after a few minutes =/ Good demo though! ;) -The Klik Factory
Posted by yes 1st July, 2003

hmm.. the main character looks alot like my mr.TK (
Posted by mathias johansson 1st July, 2003

This game is very cool, but it gets crapified when running at that low resolution. The graphics are 2/10 due to that.
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 1st July, 2003

YES Hey he does look like your charecter What Game is that screenshot of, I want to play it:)
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 1st July, 2003

Oh by the way. I Drew the graphics for the game, I didn't copy them from anyone. I used that design because it was easier to use the weapon system. It's purely coincidental.
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 1st July, 2003

Thanks mathias johansson Trust me it looks better in the lower resolution. Don't worry Klik Factory, it's just a level test;) And "YES" have a closer inspection to the pixels of the charecters, they look completely different;)
Posted by Ecstazy 1st July, 2003

Well, it looks good and all, but boring...
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 1st July, 2003

How many times must I say this, It's Just a Level Test!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st July, 2003

Woah Kosta calm down glad you people liked it, i'll just clear up a few things, all the graphics were drawn by Kosta, except the hoverboard, which i drew, and most the events were done by me, so whoever has conspricys that thier graphics are in the game, there not, ok? And also, i cant stress this enough: ITS A LEVEL TEST! People who found it boring, so be it, there will be a new version in the near future that has different types of enemys and different types of weapons.. Thats all from me! Bye!
Posted by Deviant 2nd July, 2003

i never thought level test could be this good... =) ONE THING (sorry if i shocked u) I happened to go through the whole level test without even shooting or getting hurt once! I pressed JUMP&"the direction you are supposed 2 go" to manage this. =) i belive this prob can be fixed easliy just by putting down the jump height! (a bit)
Posted by yes 2nd July, 2003

the screen is from THE KENNEL (yes, it is a very sucky name). you can get it at oh, and i wasn't accusing you for anything (i think the gfx sucks anyway (both in your game and mine)).
Posted by Simon Colmer 2nd July, 2003

download and screenie does not work! :'(
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 2nd July, 2003

The server was Down, Try now! HeYu: Your game is really cool, you should finish it,everyone else seems to like the graphics.
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 2nd July, 2003

I mean, everyone else seems to like the graphics for Shattered Mind





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