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Chrono Dizzy Test
Author: canazza Submitted: 10th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 153

Chrono Dizzy is a fan game based on that lovable little Egg from the Spectrum/C64.
This is only an engine demo mokay, just to let you know.
It's mainly my way of saying 'what do you want in this game that isn't already in it and is there anything wrong with what's in it just now' sort of thing.

post feedback here, or better yet e-mail me at

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Posted by AndyUK 11th June, 2003

thats the sort of name that makes me curious
Posted by canazza 11th June, 2003

:D I already announced this game on PK shortly before it went down, It's a pitty really.





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