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Phil Phrag Beta
Author: canazza Submitted: 16th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 95

Edited By canazza on 1/18/2003

Phil Phrag, Earth's only hope, He's musclebound, he's weapon-savvy, he's... short.
He is the only man who can save us from the evil Emporer Lisardo and his Lizard men who have come from outer-space to conquer the Earth and take it's resources.

There will be 7 stages, each with between 2 and 4 areas, only the first 2 are in the beta.
Millitary Base
Moon Base

You can dispatch the evil emporers minions using a variety of weapons, including:
Blaster (rudimentary weapon, infinite ammo, low damage)
Flamethrower (powerful, medium range, eats ammo)
Sniper rifle (Powerful, long range, has scope)
Railgun (Powerful, medium range, overheats)
Grenade launcher (Very powerful, medium range, blast can harm you)
And finally, the Grappling hook, which is used to get to higher places, or to jump chasms.

The First two levels are simply to show you the usefullness of the blaster, and that taking your time and not rushing is the only way through.
The Warehouse levels introduce rudementary puzzles and the grappling hook.

There will be secret areas to access where ammo and weapons can be gained that will require cunning use of the grappling hook to get to.

In the final version there will be a james-bond style chase through the sky to grab a parachute as a breather from the regular action As well as 4 bosses

The save/load system is in place and allows many saves and uses the common dialogue object to save/load games.
Games auto save after each level.

I have ommitted screenshots for the sole reason that my host doesn't like direct linking.
you can view some shots from

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Posted by Muggus 17th January, 2003

Seems tough...very tough! Not too bad, but tough!...enough said for the moment!
Posted by canazza 17th January, 2003

yeah, i've change them so they are smaller (you don't hit ur head off the supports) i've taken out a few enemies, making the first level easier. as for the walking sprite, it is kinda basic, but it's ususally covered by a weapon :)
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 17th January, 2003

Just my traditional comment: Reviewed!
Posted by canazza 18th January, 2003

Yarr... very nice, best feedback i've had. I'll find new cut-scene music. And i've corrected the spelling mistakes in most of the scenes so far, and you can skip scenes by pressing SPACE. I'll make the text scroll faster (i thought it was fast enough, but then again, i'm the creator and the creators view isn't always that of the player)





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