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Teddy Warz!!
Author: David Submitted: 12th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 68

Everyone thought that the teddy bearz were nice and cute. Well you can believe that until know. This is my Teddy Warz demo. It currently has 2 characters and one level. It its bloody for all you gory people. If I get enough good things i may turn it into a game.

(NEeds two people to play.) ANd the instructions are wrong, player one uses space to shoot.)

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Posted by TomH 13th May, 2003

If download URL is not working, go to his website and the ues the URL from his "Games" page and it will work. Well thats what i had to do. And yes i did do "Save Target As".
Posted by matrixkitty 13th May, 2003 try this
Posted by matrixkitty 13th May, 2003

huh that didnt work either... well like tomh said got to his site( ) and go under games to download
Posted by Galaxy613 13th May, 2003

Oh this is the one you were talking about on IM! :) Me download
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 13th May, 2003

The graphics are very good, but the game isn't, the controls especially are horrible.
Posted by David 13th May, 2003

Thanks about the grafphics. It isnt that good, i know I only spent two days on it, but do you guys think I should make a full game?
Posted by David 13th May, 2003

here are some pictures that will work.
Posted by Blackgaze 13th May, 2003

teddy bears! DOWNLOAD
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 14th May, 2003

I think you should carry on with it, it's got potential. Make it a lot faster paced though.
Posted by Simen 16th May, 2003

Posted by Simen 16th May, 2003

I love blood!
Posted by yuyu 18th May, 2003

Posted by Moonyjacob 2nd July, 2005

how do you download this game please somebody for real.tell me how you downloads with game please!.:D




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