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The Monkey Island Years: Largo's Cargo
Author: - Yelnek - Submitted: 4th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 204

Edited By Kenley Browne
(Insane Interactive) on 5/23/2003

Edited By Kenley Browne on 5/10/2003

This is my very first game I ever created...Its a game about Guybrush Threepwood from the Lucas Arts Game. This game starts of from where MI4 stopped....Enjoy it..but I warn you...This Is just the Test Version and there are some bugs. This game is based on my comic(or the comic is really based on this game but who cares) This was made with Kilk&Play and spruced up in TGF. I have stopped production on this game though for I don't have the time...!!
...but I will finish the comic which can be viewed at and I will create a better origanal game!

I just wanted to correct myself...This game goes under ADVENTURE and not ACTION and what I mean by "bugs" is thatSome scenes were not finished... I don't think there is any..bug bugs in my game!

Also...I have stopped making this game as I said before. I hated how you had to use the keyboard..but after I came to this site(MAN I LOVE DAILY CLICK!) I have now found how to make cool clicking adventures!!!

Please Expect More and better games from me in the future!

You may want to read the help file or go to and under downloads read more about my game...

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Posted by ShadowCaster 4th May, 2003

I've accepted your game, but if you say yourself that there are problems with the game: "Just bear with me though cause I haven't fixed all the stuff and the controling is garbage and some of the beginning sounds get ANNOYING :@" etc, then it's a good idea to hold off releasing it (even if it's just a demo) until you have something that, at least as far as your concerned, people might enjoy to play.
Posted by - Yelnek - 5th May, 2003

Thank-you ShadowCaster... I will remember that in the future;)
Posted by Smeggy 5th May, 2003

Wise words SC, oh and read you dc mail!
Posted by Smeggy 5th May, 2003

Wise words SC, oh and read you dc mail!
Posted by Broomie 5th May, 2003

Ah, is this Paco? I've read all your comics, they are brilliant, I'm expecting the art in this game to be excellent.
Posted by Reaven Khali 6th May, 2003

I'm not really to find with the awkward graphics, but its about time someone did a Monkey Island game...
Posted by Smeggy 6th May, 2003

CHAZ you lame a$$ change the review or delete it or i'll get ShadowCaster to do it!
Posted by Isaac 6th May, 2003

The Daily Click has just reached a new low with that review.
Posted by - Yelnek - 7th May, 2003

No..Im not I wish I was though....
Posted by - Yelnek - 7th May, 2003

What review?
Posted by Isaac 7th May, 2003

Some punk wrote reviews for several games filled with simply "THIS REVIEW IS JUST TO BOOST MY RATING!"...grrr.
Posted by - Yelnek - 9th May, 2003 HEy anyway..The reason why I realeased this game is because I had no time to finish this is alll there will be... Maybe in the future but right now I'm trying to finish school Grd.11 and trying to finish my game for the compition... ~LOOKS AROUND FOR SC~ I wonder when the comp. page will be up??? ;)
Posted by alibaba 14th May, 2003

hmm - i think the game engine needs refining - i dont like the keys thing or pressing 0 to use the vine?!?!? wot was tha all about - and wot was the white thing in the sea? then the game finished :-s i like the facial expression tho :)
Posted by - Yelnek - 16th May, 2003

lol...Thankxs Alibaba! I hated the game engine the moment I started..that is why I stopped creating it..But once I am done of my new orignal adventure The Legend Of Djibouti, I will recreate this game TMIY:LC and make it into a click adventure...I now know how to do that... And just bettween you and me...The white thing in the sea was a mast from a shipwreck ;) You would need it to fix the wall...
Posted by - Yelnek - 23rd May, 2003

And I just remember this ;) Its a gay ass easter egg. Try clicking all over the beginning scene in this game! The scene where the skull is and the credits roll by... ~~~HINT HINT~~~ It has something to do with the angel but it isn't the angel!
Posted by The Green Stranger 14th January, 2004

The idea is good, but the graphic... Eww...
Posted by the Pilgrim 31st May, 2004

bad UI... terrible sounds... great music (let's do the monkey :))... keep up the creativity, and we will see great results...





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