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Block Popper Triangle
Author: JJ45 Submitted: 7th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 59

Edited By JJ45 on 1/11/2014

It's a really strange game where you move a red triangle and try to collect all the blue blocks. Circle baddies try to kill you. You can shoot them with normal blue ball, 5 blue ball strike, do a 10 second shiled and hit them or quickly collect all the blocks with the green collector shield. You get those "bullets" or whatever from the blue blocks. There's a boss after every 4 levels, and there's 3 worlds, so there's 15 levels. If you hit walls you lose energy. You gotta practice before you go to the later worlds, this game is really hard.

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Posted by Nioreh 7th December, 2002

Did I just read that? What did it say? I gotta read again, my mind is too slow for this right now. Triangles, balls, numbers... Weeeouuuu, ??? Focus Nioreh! ... I think I'll just download it...
Posted by TomH 7th December, 2002

Posted by JJ45 8th December, 2002

You move a triangle and collect rectangles to get bullets, which you can shoot at the circle baddies to kill them. If you hit the circle baddies or walls, you lose energy. No need to kill them though, you can complete a level by collecting all the blue rectangles. This is different in the boss levels (every 5th level) where you must kill the boss circle to get the last rectangles that it has eaten. There, it's a bit more clear description!
Posted by JJ45 9th December, 2002

4 downloads a day :D
Posted by Anya 9th December, 2002

Nice game. I don't like the Turkish Rondo played so slowly in the intro screen but that's hardly a big issue!
Posted by JJ45 9th December, 2002

I didn't have much midis when I made that... And internet didn't work but I hope the musics ain't so bad. If you pratcie, you'll maybe like the game. If you don't, you'll hate it!
Posted by Partack 10th December, 2002

oh my god! circles with mouths?!?! YOU ARE CRAZY PERSON!!! NO PERSON WITH HALF A MIND IS THAT CRAZY TO CREATE SOMETHING SO OBSURD!? Circles with mouths.. well i never... lol good game xD
Posted by JJ45 13th December, 2002

You rectanglize the circles with your tringle!
Posted by >NzR< 23rd December, 2002






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