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Space Blaster
Author: JJ45 Submitted: 24th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 126

Edited By JJ45 on 1/11/2014

It's a side scrolling space shooting game. It has only 4 levels but it's a worth to download. Give it a try ! Thanks for Erik for uploading some screenies.

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Posted by Erik 25th November, 2002

Hmm no screenies. I think i better do something.
Posted by Jason Orme 25th November, 2002

Great Game JJ, you can be sure to see this on J-SOFT very soon
Posted by thewreck 25th November, 2002

what a kind man that eric is.. i better do something about it: incase htmlworks: [IMG][/IMG]
Posted by thewreck 25th November, 2002

and i mean it =).. good work man, you make the community more fun
Posted by Erik 26th November, 2002

Thanks. I think a game like this also deserves a decent chanse to get attention. (and downloads) So if people dont download games due to no screenies. I am willing to do something about that. =)
Posted by Erik 26th November, 2002

And by the way. Nice pic.
Posted by JJ45 26th November, 2002

thanks for your reviews :) they were fair. no updates, sorry :( i lsot the game when i accdintly deleted wrong file (the one that is openable) X( X( X( X( X(!!! sometimes I hate myself. There is 4 levels that are different it's not space all the time.
Posted by Fr0z 28th November, 2002

Good work JJ Great GAme ;)
Posted by JJ45 28th November, 2002

thanks :)
Posted by JJ45 29th November, 2002

toon town detective and space blasters links are mixed! plz fix the links in the main page
Posted by Fr0z 1st December, 2002

Umm... is SPace Blaster 2 coming.. it might become a GOTW
Posted by 2nd December, 2002

hey....kewl game. i like it.those of you who dont know me....i am a new user.....practically i like all the games on this site.i downloaded your game and really liked it.u see i am also using the games factory but unlikely only 30 day trial version .....could you help me out.thanx
Posted by Aleksi Ruuskanen / JAR Production 4th December, 2002

This is a nice game, but the graphics are quite simple.
Posted by JJ45 9th December, 2002

Retro :)






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