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That Night Before
Author: Scurvyliver Submitted: 8th February, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 1103
The Daily Click HIGHLY Recommended

Edited By Scurvyliver on 11/1/2002

That Night Before is a modern day adventure, that follows 18 year-old Roy Haliway, as he awakens in a world of amnesia. Based around a Hitchcock style thriller, the game also uses a blend of comedy and rich story telling.

"I am just writing to congratulate you on 'That Night Before'. A nice twisty plot, and some pretty impressive work. Amateur adventure games don't come much better than this." (MrJammy)

* Note: Check out Http:// (or to download all chapters of the game!

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Posted by Beppo 14th July, 2002

I really liked this game, the humor, the story, the style, but... how can I go out of the tunnels of the chapter 2? I've used the skull nose but... Now? :)
Posted by Eagle32123 17th July, 2002

Ahhh.... u must go pik up the scull looking rock, and jam it into the skull nose. then, complete the puzzle that appears, and ur on ur way!
Posted by Eagle32123 19th July, 2002

arg... the sites down?
Posted by Beppo 25th July, 2002

I've finished all episodes... Great game, really. But... I want the 4 episode!!
Posted by S Radley 2nd August, 2002

Great game. I've been wondering if it's possible to make a good adventure game with TGF/CnC/MMFX...hmm, guess it is. :D
Posted by Toni Sakari Lähdekorpi 8th September, 2002

Posted by The Green Stranger 26th September, 2002

The dlink dosen't work!
Posted by The Green Stranger 19th October, 2002

I'll download! :) When the link works!
Posted by Scurvyliver 1st November, 2002

All fixed now!@
Posted by ctrl alt supr 12th November, 2002

this game rulz!
Posted by Scott 28th December, 2002

looks good
Posted by Michael R. 3rd March, 2003

:D mamma mia!
Posted by Vickyboy 26th June, 2003

ok. need more better gfx....
Posted by icaro_no1 5th April, 2005

is it me or is the theme tune from the game colours of the wind from pocahontes ?!?!
Posted by icaro_no1 5th April, 2005

at the begimig in roys house
Posted by 7th September, 2008
Rated :

Great game..
when i first go to the girlfriend's house after i put the "lava lamp" infront of the dog, i went through the window then what?!! i tried everything!!
Please someone help me and thanks.
Posted by Phredreeke 19th May, 2010
Rated :

One of the best Klik games ever






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