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Author: matrixkitty Submitted: 20th October, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 331

Edited By matrixkitty on 11/18/2002

Edited By matrixkitty on 10/20/2002

Note: Click on link Do NOT save target as.

This is a sonic the hedgehog fan game with completely original graphics.So dont go saying their ripped.Anyway I can not tell you the story because it would take 2 long.(0 ok- It is Five years since the last battle Sonic held with the creature - Omni Khaos. Pulled from its on reality, Robotnik used it to destroy the world, but in true heroic fasion with a cheesy ending, Sonic saved the day...

The lands begin to change, free from Robotnik's terror, they return to the lush green forests and astounding moutainous regions they were once before. Robotnik is long considered dead, and Sonic and friends take a well needed vacation...

Now, from the sky falls something very strange, containing something never seen ever before. Sonic reunites with his friend, Miles Tails Prower, and goes to investigate the strange object...

What follows, will decide the fate of Mobius at the hands of forces far worse than Robotnik could ever imagine...)

Please note I did not make this game
All rights reserved Elysium games & music

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Posted by matrixkitty 20th October, 2002 Heres the sequal!!!! All rights Elysium games & Music click on link do not save target as
Posted by Shen 20th October, 2002

Note: To view the screenshots you have to type it in the address bar: I've no idea why they don't show. Stoopid IE.
Posted by matrixkitty 20th October, 2002

hmm why cnt u click on the link??? {ponder} {cry}
Posted by The Green Stranger 20th October, 2002

Sonic fan game! *SMILE* :)
Posted by matrixkitty 20th October, 2002

Posted by matrixkitty 20th October, 2002

lets try this again the sequel:
Posted by matrixkitty 20th October, 2002

go to both sites to view the screenshots
Posted by Jason Orme 20th October, 2002

No, i dont like it. Nice graphics , but the overall game is too hard and the engine needs work.
Posted by royal knight software 22nd October, 2002

Why is everyone making sonic games????
Posted by Alex Scobell 22nd October, 2002

Since when is tails taller than Sonic? Infact last time I checked he was smaller!
Posted by Alex Scobell 22nd October, 2002

But since I haven't downloaded the game I could be wrong, that could be a different character. Lets hope it is. I may download it some time. But it is 3 meg...
Posted by Zeno 23rd October, 2002

Let me explain. This game is originally from the Sonic Fan Game community. A lot of SFGHQ members are coming to get more outside publicity for their games. Tails is taller because he is older. (There were prequels to this game)
Posted by Rik 29th October, 2002

I downloaded this game from Sonic Fan Games HQ a few weeks ago and I thought it was great until I got to that damn flying section!! Duck or jump the walls? WITH LESS THAN A SECOND TO REACT?!?!?!?!?! OK I've calmed down now.. The musics good, the graphics are weird, yet I like them anyway, and the gameplay's OK but too hard in my opinion.
Posted by Sly 22nd November, 2002

Despite this being an excellent example of what can come from SFGHQ *cough*, unless you have expressed permission from RedXVI (the creator of thirdscape) you should not have posted this game here. You have no right to do so.
Posted by arpgme 1st July, 2006

The link doesnt work. and to answer your question royal knight software, maybe because of NEO SONIC UNIVERSE




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