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Entrance Gate
Author: jast Submitted: 3rd September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 3808

Edited By Rikus on 5/22/2009

This game is Part Of the Klik Museum

After your whole continent was destroyed in a nuclear war and you failed to escape from the planet, you find yourself searching for a shelter that protects you from the radiation. After entering an abandoned subterranean building, you realize that you weren't the first one that entered that structure - and those who were first don't like intruders...

Entrance Gate is a futuristic platformer that is mainly about the action. Run through about 25 levels in 3 worlds, use 9 devastating weapons to blast a dozen different enemies and several bosses, each one with its own, unique behaviour, to bits and finally find yourself a safe place to live.

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Posted by ruffles 3rd September, 2002

Whoa! 29MB, at 12KB/s with DSL. In 40 minutes you'll get my comments :) Btw, the game looks really cool!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 3rd September, 2002

WOW!! =) full version! =D
Posted by Flava 3rd September, 2002

At Last! It's FINISHED! You must have reall worked hard on this! great game!
Posted by MasterM 3rd September, 2002

Posted by ruffles 3rd September, 2002

Hmm.. this game is quite good, graphics are excellent, gameplay is easy and fun, and music is nice. There are some things I didn't likes too, such as the speed of the bullet and the enemies dying animation, which are too slow. And in the second level the sfx suddenly crashed, I mean, doing a noisy sound. Then I turned down the speakers volume. Another thing I didn't like was that you could move the mouse free, but you couldn't shoot right in that direction, but there's no real problem with these things. Hmm.. just someting else, this game is very similar to Abuse.
Posted by ruffles 3rd September, 2002

Oh, forgot something: this game is really fun to play!
Posted by jast 3rd September, 2002

Yes, I know that it's pretty similar to Abuse. The original idea was to compete with Gunner (I hadn't played Abuse for more than a decade)... When everybody told me it looked like Abuse, I downloaded Abuse and was kinda surprised. However, when I added the mouse aiming, it became even more like Abuse, but please just keep in mind that it was an accident 'cause I had already done too much to redesign everything. The aiming routine is just a 32 direction aiming. I know that 360 degrees would have been better, but I think that the 32 directions are already an improvement compared to the 6 direction aiming of the demos.
Posted by jast 3rd September, 2002

Oh, that sound bug is kinda weird. It seems to be very, very rare - I contacted Izzysoft, and they couldn't help me :( Sorry.
Posted by Ecstazy 3rd September, 2002

Ok, downloading at 177kb/s...
Posted by Lavos_core 3rd September, 2002

I have plyed the demo, it was incredible and fast. But i won't say anything until I download full version, which takes a while :)
Posted by Petas 3rd September, 2002

Just wondering..How would you be able to do 360 degree shooting anyway? I've seen a 360 degree car movement-type tutorial, but I've had no luck with 360 there a plugin to make it easier?(TGF)
Posted by citizen[Ac] 4th September, 2002

anyone else get this problem...after the opening scene it starts the game and just as soon as it starts before the screen actually finishes appearing i am killed and its game over. i keep restarting but this happens everytime, i mean i don't even get a second between the game starting and it ending.
Posted by Levi 4th September, 2002

game is tough as nails! i cant get out of the first template!
Posted by Jon Chambers 4th September, 2002

The price is right
Posted by jast 4th September, 2002

@Citizen: Could it be that you did something weird to the save files? It should work if you start a new game (really select that option). If it doesn't, reinstall the game. If that doesn't work, too, contact me.
Posted by jast 4th September, 2002

And did you insert a name?
Posted by jast 4th September, 2002

All right, I am sorry for the save engine. I'll upload the new version and add a new comment once that's done. For all the people who downloaded the first release, here's the update to v 1.1... I am really sorry!
Posted by jast 4th September, 2002

All right, I am sorry for the save engine. I'll upload the new version and add a new comment once that's done. For all the people who downloaded the first release, here's the update to v 1.1... I am really sorry!
Posted by jast 4th September, 2002

Okay, it's up again.
Posted by Jenswa 4th September, 2002

It would love to play game, following the comments, nearly 30 mb is a little bit too much for 56K connection.
Posted by slipknot 6 sic 6 4th September, 2002

file is to big :(
Posted by pixelscope 4th September, 2002

don't listen to them complaining. the game is Great!
Posted by Simdrone052 4th September, 2002

There would be NOTHING that Jannis could do to relieve your problem about the filesize. Stop complaning, I spent 3 hours downloading the game and it was DAMN WELL WORTH IT! So stop pissing me off you idiots.
Posted by Raincoatduck 4th September, 2002

Great game, once I beat it, I'll put a review up on the DC.
Posted by slipknot 6 sic 6 4th September, 2002

i have been downloading it also i hope it is a great game.judging by the graphics it looks great
Posted by Raincoatduck 4th September, 2002

Ok, I've run into a problem, in the third area on maybe the 3rd or 4th level, there is a elevator leading up to a secret spot. The 9th weapon is hidden in this spot, however, once you get the weapon, there's no way to get down... Is this meant to trap you?
Posted by David Niemeyer 4th September, 2002

nice job, you should put the link on, maybe it'll beat out south park mario as being the most popular clik game. Its your work, and you can put it wherever the hell you want. But I think this game could go far.
Posted by Raincoatduck 4th September, 2002

Another problem, the little level in the third area that just has ammo and health. (I'm guessing it's right before a boss) The level starts without a aimer and so it doens't let me move onto the next level.
Posted by l)arkone 4th September, 2002

what the hell! for some stupid reason everytime i cant get past the first part i always die for no apparent reason!
Posted by Hellscythe 4th September, 2002

u should put ur file in zip
Posted by CYS 4th September, 2002

it was extremely fun.. But i hate the background, the creature blend with the back too much..
Posted by Jon Chambers 4th September, 2002

It won't run. I saw the intro, with no sound (assuming there is supposed to be sound.) Then on the first level, I was dead before I started, then it took me back to the menu. Please help. I know it's ironic asking for help to run a game I got for free.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 5th September, 2002

most of the hints on the main menu dont work like ctrl to dodge
Posted by Pioupiou 5th September, 2002

I tried the old first demo a long time , and i found it fun, but there were some stuffs i disliked in it (those flying ennemies were to hard to kill, and the whoile game was to hard). Now this full game (29 mo, its damn big ;)) correct all thse defaults. So this game is damn that a good game. With mouse aimming the gameplay is way better, the game is well balanced, i like the music, the graphics are good... This game is an excellent game IMHO. I have fun playing it ! i recommend you to dl it, it big but it woth the dl ! Btw i just wonder what codec we need to see the video, coz it semmes my comp is unable to diplay them (i only have sound).
Posted by jast 5th September, 2002

Thanks for all that feedback! I fixed the bugs Raincoatduck told me about... There are now 3 different patches up, you can download them here: If you keep dying over and over again, your save games got messed up (if it can't read the save files, the health counter won't be set to 100, meaning that you die immediately). The easiest way should be to delete the whole game and to reinstall it. In your save folder, there should be 2 .ini files after installing the game. Afterwards, there is one more .ini file for every name you enter. The video codec should be a normal windows codec. The videos usually even play if you have nothing installed but Windows itself.
Posted by Anthony Lopes 5th September, 2002

Great intro, very nice. Still not fond of the prerendered sprites. The characters are a tad small and they blen into the background alot. Great scrolling for the frame though. smooth and right on. Although, I didn't really find this game fun. kinda got bored with speeding around and just shooting stuff. I dunno. Very well made, just.. not fun to me.
Posted by Raincoatduck 5th September, 2002

Great! Now I can get back to playing the game :D
Posted by Raincoatduck 5th September, 2002

Or not... When I try either patches to update to version 1.2 it says that it can't figure out what version the game files are currently. Maybe I'll try reinstalling the game later.
Posted by ben_02 6th September, 2002

Jannis, this is an unbelievable game, but you BADLY need to include some options to disable various particle effects, and you shouldn't use events like "Every 00:00:10 -> Create 'Blood' from 0,0" This game goes SO slow on my machine some times and blood just keeps getting created. Look through the DC articles for a solution to this. Btw, I'm using a P 3 1ghz 256mb + Geforce2MX 32mb.
Posted by zork25 6th September, 2002

Its in german?!
Posted by zork25 6th September, 2002

Its in german?!
Posted by jast 6th September, 2002

@Serchul: No, not really. Yesterday, I had accidently uploaded the German version for about ten minutes... If you downloaded withing these 10 mins, just send me an email and I'll send you the English files (the texts are saved in the .ini files, so it shouldn't be bigger than a few bytes).
Posted by podius (Alan C) 6th September, 2002

this game is pretty cool. very good gfx and gameplay.
Posted by Yoshiman 6th September, 2002

I think I recognize some of the gfx from the tgf library.. no?
Posted by jast 7th September, 2002

Ummm... I neither did I install the libraries nor did I look at them once. All gfx were made by me - I promise :)
Posted by RapidFlash 7th September, 2002

Good game... and I agree a bit with Yoshiman, they look like TGF/MMF type graphics... And it's in english, I think.
Posted by janne valtonen 7th September, 2002

this is very good game
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 7th September, 2002

This is a very well done effort Jannis you should be proud of it! :) Good job, nice to see a finished game and it is fun to play. I would have to agree with Anthony, I'm not a big fan of prerendered graphics in a 2d game. They do blend in with the background making it hard to tell what is going on sometimes. Yet, those small things do not outweigh how nice the rest of the game is. This is one to be remembered for a long time.
Posted by Hellscythe 10th September, 2002

sorry i cant dl this says it will take 3hr 29mns!!!!
Posted by Hellscythe 10th September, 2002

i agree with jonathan
Posted by Vladimir Tapu 11th October, 2002

2 mins 53 sec to go
Posted by rni Fannar rinsson 22nd October, 2002 i was 1:23:21 mns!!!! with ADSL? by the way greate game?
Posted by Razorshark Productions 29th October, 2002

LOL... Getting really sick of people blabbering about the size of a game... Want great graphics, then get yerself a great connection, or else stfu and download small tiny stupid games... Downloading <- 8)
Posted by Razorshark Productions 29th October, 2002

Btw.. graphics looks great, I love prerendered graphics...:)
Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

Looks nice! Really! Gotta download this one!!:) Hope it works!
Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

It's not strange why this game is so populate!! :D It's Goooooood!!!! :D Like this game, really much!! ;)
Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

Posted by Rhino Studios 12th November, 2002

Posted by Sly 22nd November, 2002

Smashing game! This is perhaps one of the best examples of a game made in a Clickteam product yet. Excellent, detailed graphics and very fluid animations. The only problems i could find where there fact that the bullet went far too slow for my liking, and it slowed down quite a bit. *kicks computer* Work you piece of junk!
Posted by jast 26th November, 2002

Glad you like it :)
Posted by Jason Orme 27th November, 2002

Attempting Download for the 4th time, it seems to stop downloading. The size doesnt really bother me, I'm just glad ive got a Cable Modam you will get my comments shortley
Posted by Jason Orme 27th November, 2002

the game is nice, i dont really know what to say
Posted by Broomie 6th December, 2002

finally i can download it, upgrading to broadband was the best thing i could do. look! i just clicked on it a second ago and i'm on 4%. wow! looks brilliant
Posted by Broomie 6th December, 2002

that took me about 40 mins to download, wow
Posted by John 13th December, 2002

In my day, we had to walk 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 miles to get something like this, now u can "download" it in 40mins! P.S Great game
Posted by BJ Turner 25th December, 2002

Well, from the look of it it looks cool. I'll have to download it some other time when I have some free time on my hands (I have a 56k modem and low ram so it takes about 4hrs and 45min [I already tried to download it but stopped cause it would take to long])Maybe later. Looks so cool though.
Posted by Aniboy2000 26th December, 2002

Oh, yay. 29 MB at sub-56k. That ought to take me about 4 hours, and then this computer will probably be too slow to run it...
Posted by jast 8th January, 2003

Okay, the game was down and the screenshots still are. I still am pretty busy uploading everything to a new server, the screenshots will be up again soon. Thanks for your patience.
Posted by jast 8th January, 2003

Screenshots are up again. :)
Posted by Galaxy613 30th January, 2003

Why do lots of people like this game?
Posted by Jeff 3rd February, 2003

Oh god. The game I've been wanting to play, for so long. Soon as I first heard it, I thought, "OH GOD! THE GREATEST GAME YET!" LoL :) It's like Super Metroid, methinks. Looks good anyways.
Posted by Galaxy613 16th February, 2003

It's doesn't play like Metroid nor it has anything to do with Metroid BTW Metroid is cool!
Posted by Christian 19th February, 2003

i cant download
Posted by TheAlee 1st March, 2003

hmmm, the download doesn't work :D
Posted by Aleksi Ruuskanen / JAR Production 3rd March, 2003

Hmmm, it took only 2,5 mins to download.
Posted by OSulligaming 4th March, 2003

come on ppl, broadband is the answer - 29 megs in 2 mins :) Cool game
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 17th March, 2003

HellO!!! If the download doesn't work then copy the url to the address bar and paste it. Very Good game!!!(Although I'm still downloading I read the comments)Enjoy the game!!!
Posted by jast 17th March, 2003

To those who can't download: The link works, the host also supports direct linking - it's TDC that inserts a "25" after the "%" in the link on some computers. I reported this bug to both Clubsoft and Rikus and it shouldn't take long until that bug is fixed :).
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 23rd March, 2003

Take note, Michael R - Ian Livingstone's review was a perfectly legitimate reason why he didn't like it.
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 26th March, 2003

Either I have really good eyes or everyone else can't see all to well because I have no problem pin-pointing the enemies and their weapons(maybe that's why I try to dodge and end up getting hit anyway :P) but as soon as I see one he's dead within 2 seconds. But I still can't figure out how other people have trouble seeing the enemies and other stuff.
Posted by Christian 28th March, 2003

Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 8th April, 2003

Thank you Wong Chung Bang, I was nearly crucified for writing that review.
Posted by Rott bott 13th April, 2003

Judging the screenshots, it looks like Abuse. I LOVE ABUSE
Posted by Jonas Isaksson 29th April, 2003

Doh! I really want this game, it has the best ranking! But it takes to mutch space...And I have a modem! *grrrrr*
Posted by Smeggy 1st May, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 1st May, 2003

LOL, imo :P
Posted by Jigen 5th May, 2003

looks like metroid or super metroid or metroid fusion metroid series are the best
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 7th May, 2003

This game is not like most of you ppl think! This is just another copy of cuntra which is made in game maker and I mean its not the greatest why so many people liked it so much? Even the game Cuntra is better man! the graphics are nice but don't be fool! The system is a total disaster! And don't download it!( I didn't mean for them to hate ur game) Its not worth the long waiting for the download! Its just another simple game made with 3d graphics and that is why his game is so large! The weapons aren't even interactive! The only one is plasma and thats the only one I liked! Everyone can make this kind of game if they got the graphics and are not n00bs I actually mean NOT n00bs!!! This game is getting many downloads because its like I said! These are the reasons: 1) It got on front page 2) It is 3d rendering 3)none I don't know any others but I suggest that this game is not worth downloading and waisting ur time on it! I suggest you not touch this game. Or if you ignored me then you'll know. Its actually you play areound the same place all over the small house. Which it turns out to be really big inside. I beat it but didn't like it, because it could be better! If it wasn't for killing zombies and shooting machines all the time it would be really good! But its that and thats not soething fun to play. The zombies moves slow and the machines has a path movement, when it gets near you, it'll shoot until its gone or destroyed. I give you this waring so if you don't believe it then go ahead and waist your space and time. Go ahead if you don't believe! For you fans please don't cuss ok?!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 9th May, 2003

Umm...i haven't downloaded this,but seriously nothing can beat ED without everyone going EVERYWHERE and saying its better, this just went straight up without ppl saying everywhere that it was cool or anything...
Posted by John 12th May, 2003

I WILL download this when I get Broadband (Saturday)... :)
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 14th May, 2003

you people still doesn't believe me huh! Well, you'll see that the system is pretty bad and easily made. If anyone could give me the write sprites then i'll do one example for you people. Even noobs can make this kind of game.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 20th May, 2003

Somebody's jealous..... I don't think it's all what it's cracked up to be, but I highly doubt you would be able to make it as good if you had all the graphics, Inspired.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 21st May, 2003

what?! Why does my stupid ADSL just download in 4 kb/sek like my last fucking modem?!?!?! Argh!!!!!
Posted by Smeggy 21st May, 2003

Haha :P
Posted by Smeggy 21st May, 2003

I still say Eternal Daughter is better XD
Posted by Gito 30th May, 2003

Lovely Game! One of the best click games I've seen! Challenging and fun! Great Work!
Posted by Pyro 9th June, 2003

Man I wanted to play this friggin game but every link is dead.
Posted by jast 11th June, 2003

Okay, link should work from here now, too :) Sorry, for the problems before etc. ;)
Posted by Blackgaze 13th June, 2003

sweet! how was start done, hmm
Posted by Derek T .Reaves 14th June, 2003

OK well not to be mean or anything,but personally i think the game is definitely one of the crappiest games ive ever played thats actually had a lot of work put into it.The graphics are all basically boring.No difference as you go.Level setup is quite basic usually and it does NOT have 360 degree shooting.32 directions my friend is not 360.I just dont find this game to be anything even close to amazing.I think maybe you should work harder or maybe hand draw gaphics and work on the engine and things like that.Well sorry for this sorta negative post.Hope you make improved games(not saying your bad)Well ttyl bye.
Posted by Pyro 15th June, 2003

Okay okay, I just dont get this...... the game begins and ends, it starts then takes me right back to tthe main menu... i don't understand, this has happend at two seprate houses.
Posted by Keatonian 30th June, 2003

In... 1 hr 30 min expect a review! This sounds great but it looks a little large. I predict rating it 8, popular rating coincidentally.
Posted by Keatonian 30th June, 2003

Pyro: Sounds like that save game glitch. The health is not saved so it ends up as 0 health, dead, so you lose.
Posted by Astral_86 15th October, 2003

Is this an old game...? Well I haven't seen it btw :P downloading...
Posted by Kris 19th October, 2003

the graphics are definitely impressive but I don't really like the gameplay
Posted by Dogzer 20th October, 2003

Posted by MattB 20th October, 2003

why do we suddenly have two crappy review up? methemew isn't exactly sounding professional.
Posted by Spram 21st October, 2003

Nyrtrom: They're trolls. And I didn't like the game. Nice graphics and presentation, but it's too fast, difficult and repetitive.
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 12th August, 2004

cant download it from ur corps
Posted by jast 16th September, 2004

CC was closed... Link is now updated, game should be available again.
Posted by Keeper 26th January, 2005

heh, got it in about 3 minutes... cable owns.... i'll post coments later.. after i play it
Posted by | _ (/\) ! $ ţ 10th February, 2005

this game remembered me Abuse.... and i i download it... :D
Posted by Garth G 19th May, 2005

ahaha! 40 minuets to download? it took me 3 minuets on the dot ;-D
Posted by Wigsplit 13th July, 2007


This was so crap, I laughed.
Posted by Yokozuki 6th November, 2007
Rated :

This should not have more downloads than Eternal Daughter! I think someone is rigging the downloads - doing extra even though they already have a copy of the game. It's a good game! I like it, but it's no match for Eternal Daughter
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th March, 2008
Rated :

Not so great.
Posted by Aden 25th October, 2009
Rated :

whats this made on?




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