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Author: jast Submitted: 30th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 244

Mars is a pretty simpel top down shooter, made in about 7 hours for the 24h competition at (yeah, I know I could have taken the time that was left for adding some additional stuff etc.).

The game is simple - just kill the enemies to gain points and collect extras to get different weapons or upgrade your current one. It's nothing special, but hey, I guess it's not bad for 7 hours... And it comes with the source in the .zip archive which is still below 500 kb, so you can't do much wrong (I guess)

Have fun.

And visit

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Posted by Radix 30th September, 2004

You know, even though I replied to your post on KM2, I didn't actually notice you'd uploaded it. Silly me. Downloading.
Posted by Radix 30th September, 2004

Okay, not bad, but VERY BAD THINGS happened when I tried to close it with ALT+F4 rather than ESC, like JD said. Also, the fact that you can get shot in the ass by enemies off the bottom of the screen is irritating at best.
Posted by Lazernaut 6th October, 2004

there's a lot of potential in this i think, but it seems largely unfinished..




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