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Cubrix V.1.0
Author: X-Member870 Submitted: 17th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 150

Made by Yoshi-San 2002

I. Starting the game
II. The goal of the game + Controls
III. Contact Information

I. Starting the game
Go to the Cubrix directory, there should be a
file called Cubrix.exe! Run that file, this
will start Cubrix v.1.0. When the game is
started, you will be directed to the Main Menu.

Select your option by using the arrow-keys,
then press Enter.

II. The goal of the game + Controls
Cubrix is a puzzle-type of game, the goal of
the game is to destroy all incoming cubes. To
do that, use the arrow-keys to change the color
of the cubes, if a cube has the same color as
a incoming cube, you will get points and the
incoming cube will be destroyed.


"Arrow keys" will change color of the cubes.
"M" will bring you to the main menu
"Z" turns off music
"H" hides the menu
"X" exits Cubrix v.1.0

III. Contact information
Mail all questions to

A. Copyrights and information
Cubrix were made with The Games Factory
Games Factory were made by Clickteam

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Posted by 17th July, 2002

Im sorry that this is a total ripoff off super puzzel shaft. I made this game before i saw it. :(
Posted by Mindstorms 17th July, 2002

usuually that info you put goes in the readme...not here. :)
Posted by This Guy 17th July, 2002

Hey now we can compare Super Puzzle Shaft and Cubrix to see which is better, right? I'll download both tonight and review them both tomorrow. ;)
Posted by 17th July, 2002

That info is from the readme, i just copy+pasted! :D
Posted by Unknown Member Guy Man 17th July, 2002

Hey you ripped off my game loser! Does the name super puzzle shaft mean anyting to you?
Posted by jast 18th July, 2002

Ummm Derrick? Read the comments: "Im sorry that this is a total ripoff off super puzzel shaft. I made this game before i saw it."
Posted by 18th July, 2002

Derrick: Im sorry, guess il have to delete this game then. :(
Posted by Dave Jones 18th July, 2002

I'm sorry, but does it really matter if the games are similar o.O Release them both and let us be the judge as to which is more fun ;p
Posted by Georgie 18th July, 2002

:P This game is too hard to beat. Most of the time 2 blocks will appear at the SAME time so that you can reach one and end up losing a life. Bassically the only problem with the game. Derrick Shaney,this game isn't really quite up with your version.. so there isn't really anything to worry about.
Posted by Faithtoken 18th July, 2002

I agree with Dave Jones...Release them both!
Posted by Georgie 18th July, 2002

They both are released. Go download it from the front page
Posted by kevin karstens 22nd January, 2005

NONE of the download links here work. Clicking DOWNLOAD NOW just reloads the current page...right clicking the link gets you 'downout.asp.html', no file... K





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