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Title Rating Faves D/Ls Author Genre Review Added
A small arcade shooter with 24 levels.
0 27 Potato God Miscellaneous 24th Dec 16
Nexus Drone
A game of speed and agility.
0 26 Gerwin K.. Miscellaneous 5th Nov 16
Wonder boy 3 dragon's trap Concept level
Dragon's trap 3d Concept model. A 3d redesign of wonder boy 3.
0 14 eclexp Miscellaneous 12th Oct 16
The Miners Demo
Mining management game. Dig tunnels and look for treasures.
0 51 Nornik Miscellaneous 13th Jul 16
MIGHT is a team arena brawler with fun and fast-paced combat.
0 38 ffwdgames Miscellaneous 28th Jun 16
Ghosts: in the castle
Board game for Android for small kids (and their parents )
0 40 Nornik Miscellaneous 25th Nov 15
A foundation for building/running a game with a custom editor and engine
1 61 Ze.. Miscellaneous 7th Oct 15
cube adventure
Thx for playing
0 25 nislo Miscellaneous 23rd Sep 15
Civil War Armageddon
my first fusion game
0 11 archon Miscellaneous 4th Aug 15
8 Nights at 8-bit
New challenge inspired by Five Nights at Freddys. A tough & scary free game
0 36 Peda Kim.. Miscellaneous 5th Jun 15
Color Indexer & Reverse Color indexer
Convert RGB Values to Color Index
0 15 ffomega Miscellaneous 8th Apr 15
Millo (Interactive historical atlas)
Interactive historical atlas for history class
0 40 Hayo Miscellaneous 31st Aug 14
Behavioral Evolution Simulation
Simulates the evolutionary process
0 33 Duckimat.. Miscellaneous 24th Aug 14
Flapping Birds - Online
Online multiplayer, lots of characters, and different levels!
0 35 SoftWare.. Miscellaneous 25th May 14
Stick showdown
This is a fighting game with wepons
0 22 Igor23 Miscellaneous 10th May 14
Streaming video Sampler
0 19 ketterin.. Miscellaneous NastyMan (9/10) 20th Dec 13
Inexistence is a indy video game with retro atmosphere.
1 1999 Jonathan.. Miscellaneous 13th Nov 13
Citadel of the Stars
simple overhead action game
0 25 Indigo S.. Miscellaneous 31st May 13
The Dead Miles Version 1.1
A game about searching for other survivors during a zombie epidemic.
0 13 Chris Do.. Miscellaneous 27th Apr 13
Neon Hidden (For IPAD)
Hidden Object game with Neon Graphics.
0 17 jaimebra.. Miscellaneous 13th Feb 13
Cricket Scorer
Windows based cricket scoring app
0 13 joelr_2000 Miscellaneous 12th Feb 13
I am Fear
Experimental game : feel victim's heartbeat by vibration of your gamepad
0 20 TatoGame Miscellaneous 5th Feb 13
The Trouble With Robots Demo
Side-scrolling card game with deck building!
0 27 Geoffrey.. Miscellaneous 5th Dec 12
Conway's Game of Life
The classic cellular automaton
0 35 Duckimat.. Miscellaneous 22nd Nov 12
Monline Alpha
Block building game
0 28 Petric Miscellaneous 7th Nov 12
Shelie's voyage
Platformer with female dog as its' protagonist - Save Shelie's meal!
0 45 Saurum C.. Miscellaneous 30th Sep 12
Clyde's Vacation
Challenging 2D Platformer starring a pink dinosaur
0 95 chrilley Miscellaneous 12th Aug 12
Zig Zag
Freeware puzzle action
0 72 Marco73 Miscellaneous 14th Jul 12
Open sourve level editor TGF incomplete
Open source level editor for TGF
0 38 Dehexed Miscellaneous 8th Jul 12
Alex Kidd: Hot Pepper Attack
Alex Kidd: Hot Pepper Attack
0 62 Wrim Miscellaneous 25th Jun 12
[Flash] Super DressUp
Dress up the girl and when you're ready go to the party!
0 50 UrbanMonk Miscellaneous 10th Jun 12
A two-player online abstract strategy game.
0 25 Sketchy Miscellaneous 19th May 12
Arcade Style Highscores Example
Arcade Style Highscores Example
0 127 Chris Bu.. Miscellaneous 9th May 12
Shape Binder
Create shapes similar to target shape by binding blocks into each other
1 17 MJK Miscellaneous 13th Mar 12
Find the Lucky Spot
Find the Lucky Spot in each field of clovers!
0 26 KNPMASTER Miscellaneous 12th Mar 12
Hotel Baron
Build and manage your own five star hotel!
2 91 MJK Miscellaneous 7th Mar 12
Small world sim - how long can you keep them alive?
0 66 jamesh Miscellaneous 3rd Mar 12
Old MMF 1 Example Files
Example files that came with MMF 1.0
0 109 MasterM Miscellaneous 15th Jan 12
Wumplus World
A simple dungeon crawler including human and AI controls. Made in Java.
0 33 Stephen .. Miscellaneous 6th Dec 11
Procedural Art Generator
Basic procedural art generation app
0 196 Bricnic Miscellaneous 29th Nov 11
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