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Review: Urbagility
Author: Stian B.
Added: 15/09/2002

First i noticed about this game,presentation,its a pic about Sonic the hedgehodge,and then a mario...with many differents sounds fx.Not very promising.
And then a poor game starting...fortunatley thats not the REAL game.Press "R" when starting the into,and you jump to the real game.
Funny intro,to fool the player.But poor.
In the game,platformer,you play as a little caveman in 800*600 res mode.And he is really little too.
(Memories back to Phreistorik and Joe Mac Caveman Ninja,but this game isnt close to it...)
Your goal it to reach to other side in the level.
But some monsters and other obstacles are in your way.
About the monsters.There are too little of them.Too little variated.And i didnt like the kind of monsters either.
What is it...?I thought in the stoneage,or whatever age is it,there should been stoneage creatures.Not fantasy creatures.
There are many weapons to choose between.Good.
But only a few of them i find useful (Maybe its only me)
To shoot with button "Z" i didnt like at all.Ctrl button,its much more prefered.Annoying sometimes in the level.
Graphics is ok for this game.Animations is ok too.Sometimes poor.Especially for the caveman.
Gameplay is easy to figure out.Run,jump and shoot.
But sometimes too buggy (built in platform engine)
Stucks into walls and cause you die sometimes.
The music lag,is annoying too.When music starts all over,the game stops,then starts again.
Probardly not the game makers fault.
But i played this game some times now.Managed to reach to the world 2-2.If you play it enough times,you probardly find it more interesting.But as told before,too little variated.

Give it a try anyway.Its not a bad game.


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